RealNetworks Planning an Adult Subscription

RealNetworks Planning an Adult Subscription Channel: RealNetworks is considering adding adult programming to its multimedia subscription service RealOne SuperPass. The company is in discussions with several content producers to expand the offerings on its service, and it may even include an adult tier.

“Although many porn sites pay RealNetworks to use its technology for serving up online video clips, the company has thus far steered away from offering adult content through its own content channel. The decision reflects the dilemma of online porn: While adult content is a big money-maker, few mainstream publishers want anything to do with it, forcing most porn distributors into a niche.”

It will be a difficult balancing game for the company, according to the story, one that cable companies have been playing for a few years now. Of course, RealNetworks has been trying to emulate the cable model since the launch of its subscription service. It remains to be seen whether the somewhat closer scrutiny of Web companies would make RealNetworks jump the gun in this case.

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