Freedom 55 :: the soul found utterance…India, India, India

The message below, from 1997 — in honor of our freedom… is from K.R.Naryanan, ex-president of India and one of the most thoughtful to take public office in India.

“Fifty years is not long in the life of our ancient nation. But, the Golden Jubilee of our Freedom is imbued with a profound significance. This anniversary marks a historic event when, as Pandit Jhawarlal Nehru said, the soul of our nation, long suppressed, found utterance. It is a celebration of the victory of the principles of Peace and non-violence against the might of what was once the biggest empire on earth.

On this momentous occasion, I recall the glorious sacrifices of the martyrs and heroes, the brave women and men who participated in our freedom struggle. The nation pays homage to Mahatma Gandhi for illumining the righteous
path of Truth and Duty and the precept that right means are necessary to achieve noble goals. As we stand today at the threshold of a new century, we can look back with a sense of satisfaction at the achievements of independent India. We have established vibrant democratic institutions and the rule of law. Food self-sufficiency, a diversified industrial base and a large pool of creative, talented and highly qualified human resources provide us a viable basis for rapid economic advancement.

On this auspicious occasion of the Golden Jubilee of our independence, I extend my warm greetings and felicitations to all Indians, including those who are spread out in many countries in the world. I wish them happiness and success in their endeavors in the service of society. I also extend fraternal greetings on behalf of the People of India, and on my own behalf, to the friendly people of the United States of America.”