Will Users Pay Up for

Will Users Pay Up for MSN Spin-off Portal?: Revolution magazine looks at the question from a British perspective. In the US, where AOL dominates the access market, MSN is offering the new MSN 8 as a bundled ISP package. In the UK, it is being offered as a BYOA (‘Bring Your Own Access’) service, which means that users who want to access certain special features of MSN, and yet don’t subscribe to the ISP, will have to pay. MSN 8 claims to offer improved software services, such as email management tools, increased photo storage and enhanced parental controls.

“MSN always pushes the boundaries with this sort of thing, but its success will depend on where it puts the bar, he says. ‘If it charges for core services that most people use, it’s risky. But if it is additional features that some people will use, we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on it.'”

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