WashingtonPost.com Doesn’t Plan to Charge

WashingtonPost.com Doesn’t Plan to Charge for Content: IWantMedia.com features an interview with Christopher Schroeder, CEO and publisher of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, the interactive media subsidiary of the Washington Post Company. Asked about his opinion on charging for news/content online, he said: “I believe that building, grabbing and sustaining an audience should be the focus of any Web site, and that’s where the market will go. Smaller newspapers sometimes look at their online site almost as a circulation tool. Their view is: you pay for our newspaper, so you pay for our online edition.”

“But the focus should be on the Internet on the Internet’s terms. What unique audiences are you reaching that perhaps you haven’t reached before? We should look for ways to make those audiences larger as opposed to creating something that is merely ancillary to existing operations.”

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