Fantasy Sports Big Money Spinners for Content Sites

Fantasy sports online is now breeding a big community of users, as the fanatic sports fans migrate to the Web. “It is a wildly addictive pastime. Once people get a taste of what fantasy is about, all of a sudden they are interested in every single NFL match-up,” said Peter Pezaris, president of operations and product development at, which has recently started charging for its fantasy sports services. The company’s fantasy baseball service has brought in about $1.5 million in the last season and the football service will come in at about two or three times that. senior VPt Geoff Reiss said sports would prove a more successful Internet business than general news sites. “I’m certainly happier to be part of a sports premium service than in other categories,” he said. The paid sports services “are able to address a programming area that has not been addressed by mass-media products.”

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