Examining Paid Content’s Future: Steve

Examining Paid Content’s Future: Steve Outing takes a critical look at trends in the paid content industry, including advice on payment models, the need for a content clearinghouse network, and the future of digital-replica editions, among others.

“Here’s my (free) advice for free-to-fee publishers: When you switch existing free content to paid, or introduce new paid content, make it simple for the user to pay. Account for the Web surfer who finds your premium content via a search engine or external link. Offer multiple payment options: a small one-time fee, a day pass to all your premium content, a longer-term subscription, a content network that will allow access to your content plus that of others (see item No. 2 below), or a passcode from a content network that allows access to your content (or better yet, a content-network-set cookie to enable instant access). Make the barrier to premium content as low and flexible as possible.”

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