Classical Music Stations Reaching New

Classical Music Stations Reaching New Audiences Online, And Earning Some Money, for a Change: BusinessWeek reports on classical music stations online and finds out that many long-suffering orchestras see the Web as a way of serving their small but devoted audience–and making some money for a change, too.

On’s digital subscription service, Rhapsody, classical listeners make up 5 percent of its admittedly small subscriber base. (Rhapsody does not release subscriber figures.). a rival service, has customers who pay $4.99 per month for streaming privileges, listen to their selections for an average of a whopping three hours to four hours per week, according to the site’s tracking software.

“On the whole, classical music fans also aren’t adverse, to paying for music. Most listeners are older, wealthier, and have less time to spend looking for high quality music, which isn’t always available on peer-to-peer file trading networks. The trend is clear on’s Rhapsody. There’s almost no “churn,” or turnover, among its classical music subscribers. And nearly double the number of classical listeners who try Rhapsody subscribe to the service vs. listeners of pop, jazz, or other music genres.”

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