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Interesting Facts and Figures about Some interesting facts about, the companion website for the venerable Consumer Reports magazine. is one of the biggest information subscription sites online, and currently has more than 930,000 subscribers. The information gleaned below is through my conversations with John Sateja, GM and VP, multi-media publishing, Consumers Union, and Joel Gurin, Exec. VP, Consumer Union.

— The site grew over 60 percent in terms of paid subscribers during the last fiscal year ending May.

— Adding 6,000 subscribers per week.

— Consumers Union invests almost $20 million a year in content development overall, online and offline.

— Conversion rate: 5 percent of the total traffic coming to the site.

— Monthly vs. yearly subscribers: 25 percent are monthly, but they don’t fall out every month, some stick around for as much as six months.

— Retention rate: 60-70 percent of annual paid subscribers.

— Magazine subscriber is older than online: online demographic is around 40 years old, magazine is around 50 years old.

— Of the online subscribers, only about 15 percent of those are also magazine subscribers as well.

— Revenues: excess of $20 million in the latest fiscal year which ended May. Net income: $9 million. Previous fiscal year: $14 million revs; $3.5 million net income.

— Staff: 30 people.