Major League Baseball’s Subscription Site

Major League Baseball’s Subscription Site Gets a Traffic Boost: According to a new report by NetRatings (not available online as of now), traffic to Major League Baseball’s website attracted more than 5.7 million unique visitors at home and at work during the month of June. MLB’s subscription-based service offerings, such
as live audio play-by-play coverage and archived videos of classic games
from seasons past, differentiates the site from others, according to the report, and has helped build the brand online.

“Content providers, marketers and promoters should take notice,” said T.S.
Kelly, director and principal analyst at Nielsen//NetRatings. “Unique content
can deliver sizeable online audiences, even when it’s for a fee. The brand
strength of Major League Baseball and limited availability of this content
has made for a killer combination, resulting in an attractive
subscription-based service with ongoing appeal.”

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