InfoGate CEO on Why Push Digital News Services Matter


CBS MarketWatch interviews Cliff Boro, the CEO of InfoGate, in this video clip. InfoGate is a digital media subscription services provider and has developed services for media companies such as USA Today and more recently CNN. With InfoGate’s technology, CNN in June launched a subscription-based news ticker/alert service called Newswatch. The heart of such services is the “SmartScreen”, a full-screen news interface with photos, headlines, personalized alerts, stock charts and other user-selected information.

If it sounds like the doomed PointCast push media technology, it is. InfoGate has a storied history: It’s the product of two merged companies, EntryPoint and Internet Financial Network. EntryPoint in 2000 purchased PointCast.

The original PointCast service to individuals was free, but Infogate now charges. It features BusinessWire, PR NewsWire, AP Digital, and some 2,000 other sources. Prices vary, but subscribers to CNN Newswatch, for example, pay $59.95 a year or $6.95 a month. For USA TODAY NewsTracker, the price is $39.95 a year or $4.95 a month.

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