Vindigo on Verizon Screens: Vindigo,

Vindigo on Verizon Screens: Vindigo, the provider of wireless city guides, has tied up with Verizon Wirless to offer its services/content on wireless screens. The service has full-color maps, ratings and reviews from content providers, and includes driving directions to any Vindigo listing. The service is available to Verizon Wireless customers for $3.75 per month and will appear on their monthly phone bill.

Vindigo CEO Jason Devitt told me (free registration required) in an interview in May that these cell phone services will “allow us to deliver services to phones that is almost as compelling as what we can do with the PDA. At the same time it allows us to bill the end subscriber directly through their phone bills.”

Also in May, Vindigo received $6.1 million in its third round of venture funding to expand the recently launched subscription version of its earlier free service. The service is currently available in about 25 cities across U.S.

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