CBGB’s Events, for $3.95 Per


CBGB’s Events, for $3.95 Per Week: VitalStream, a digital broadcast enabler, has tied up with online payment PayPal to develop low-cost streaming subscription package for small businesses and clubs. The first client: Legendary rock club CBGB, based in Manhattan’s East Village. CGBG’s site will now offer a mix of free and pay-per-view events. For $3.95 a week, patrons can access club archives of streamed shows and events.

According to the company, “anyone can afford to stream their live performances over the Internet using VitalStream’s pay-per-view model. Distribution costs run as low as $100 per month, and it’s easy to calculate how many viewers, and at what price, it takes to break even and make a profit. With PayPal service included, there is no need to worry about credit card transaction processing.”

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