Blog Post’s Balance Between Subscription and’s Balance Between Subscription and Ad Revenues: In an attempt to raise the marketing profile of, the site has been running a series of promotional interviews with online marketing industry figures to talk about online advertising in general and potential of in particular. The series till now has featured three experts: Mark McLaughlin, partner at MVBMS EURO RSCG; Jim Speros, Chief Marketing Officer, U.S., Ernst & Young; and Nick Nyhan, president, Dynamic Logic.

If you were wondering why is doing this, consider this comment by McLaughlin: “Online, what separates the Journal from the pack are over 600,000 paid subscribers. That tells us everything about the power of the relationship between the brand and the consumer; no other site can demonstrate that tangible sense of involvement. They paid for it. That’s the kind of relationship that blows me away.” An attempt to dispel certain preconceptions of the purely subscription-based model of–premium paid users demand premium inventory prices from advertisers.