Subscription Clearinghouse in the Making?

Subscription Clearinghouse in the Making? (Via TEoF): Qtik is a new online subscription clearinghouse solution, similar to ones that have been proposed by many experts in the past. In essence, it is proposing something similar to what porn sites use to verify users, such as Adult Check and others: Through Qtik, you can subscribe to a variety of content sites for one flat fee (and one login) and Qtik then distributes the fee to constituent sites and keeps a portion of it. The site/service is still in beta.

This is how it describes benefit and fees to users: “For $9.95 a month you have 24/7 access to all of the constantly expanding universe of quality content. As a qtik patron you determine which sites get your money. So if you are a Romance reader you can support romance sites. If you like to play games you can support those sites. You can even support your favorite cause if its website is part of the qtik network.”

This is how it describes the fee breakdown: “A webmaster earns money in two ways. First by signing up Patrons. When a patron signs up through your site that user is credited as your find. Every month that user is a paying member of qtik you [sic] recieve 25% of his membership fee. The second way to earn money is to be one of the three favorite sites for an individual user. If you are their most favorite site for that month you get 25% of his membership fee. As second favorite you get 15% and as third favorite you get 5%.”

Sounds like a pyramid/multi-level marketing scheme, though something more refined and similar is exactly what the online content industry needs. An admirable if somewhat amateurish effort at this point.

The effort has to perhaps come from a more established and reliable names like RealNetworks, QPass, PayPal or even Online Publishers Association. By the way, Qtik uses PayPal for accepting payments.

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