’s CEO Gambit: has’s CEO Gambit: has launched “CEO Network”, an online invitation-only community section where invited CEOs will have access to original content, discussion boards, chats, polls, discussions with Forbes editors and executives, webcasts from Forbes conferences, news and commentary. Seems awfully like something Esther Dyson would do.

No plans yet by to charge for it, but perhaps in the future… However, doesn’t want to be very subscription dependent, as the company CEO told me (free registration required) earlier in May in context of whether it wants to charge for the content: “No, that may not change to the extent to say the Wall Street Journal [model]. This is where we have a great opportunity: where as the Journal is constrained by the fact that it has a daily newspaper, we are not. My theory here is that the more frequently a [print] editorial entity is produced, the more likely the Web will have a negative impact on it. It is certainly true of news and analysis type of media.”

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