Is Terrorism a Threat To

Is Terrorism a Threat To Subscription Services?: This is worth noting in full–a list of the risk factors which RealNetworks released along with its revised earnings estimates. “Factors that could cause actual results to differ from the results predicted include risks associated with the sustained adoption and use of and demand for RealNetworks’ subscription services by customers and their continued willingness to pay for content online, and the potential that RealNetworks will be unable to continue to enter into commercially attractive agreements with content providers for compelling content for our subscription service offerings; continued growth in consumer demand for IP-based streaming and media delivery, the continued growth in broadband access and the impact of the lack of such growth on demand for both RealNetworks’ consumer products and services and our systems software and services; factors impacting RealNetworks’ partners’ businesses that may impact the timing of their adoption or use of or payment for our technologies or the success of our relationships with those partners; the risks associated with the development of new streaming media technologies; competitive risks, including competing technologies, products and services, and the activities of our larger competitors, including Microsoft; and the risks associated with macroeconomic trends including without limitation the financial difficulties that have been facing and continue to face technology companies, the reduced demand for technology products and the impact of past and potential future terrorist activities and military actions; and RealNetworks’ independent decisions, from time to time, whether to repurchase shares under its stock buyback program.”

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