Pressplay on Sony Devices: Sony

Pressplay on Sony Devices: Sony Electronics and the online music subscription service Pressplay have announced that users will soon have the ability to transfer music from Pressplay to Sony’s Net MD Walkman recorders. The feature will be available later this summer. The Pressplay service, which is offered through Sony’s Musiclub web site as well as such other Pressplay affiliates, as, MSN, Roxio and Yahoo, will include technology provided by Roxio that will allow users to transfer songs to their recorder.

Portability—the ability to listen to music on devices other than the computers, like the increasingly popular MP3 players like Apple’s iPod and SonicBlue’s Rio–is a huge issue with online music subscription services. Alan McGlade, president and CEO of MusicNet, told me in an earlier interview last year that record labels are aware of these types of issues and will take some time to solve them. “Traditionally, the record companies and these hardware manufacturers have seen each other as enemies, and it will take some time for them to come together,” McGlade said in the story. Of course, it helps that Pressplay has Sony as one of the founding members, along with Vivendi Universal.