CNET’s Follies: CNET (Nasdaq: CNET),

CNET’s Follies: CNET (Nasdaq: CNET), which is perhaps the bible for all kinds of tech news, is in itself down in the dumps. It’s stock is at an all time low now. Tech ad recovery is not expected till 2004, according to this story. CNET’s dilemma: how and when should we start charging for the content? It has among the most well read of sites–according to ComScore, it is first among the business/financial news sites, ahead of the likes of Fortune, MarketWatch and others. Point is: they should have thought about building other revenue streams much earlier. It may be too late now. As Jim Nail, an analyst with Forrester Research says in the story: “”I doubt it [will survive alone]. It goes back to mergers of media companies. In a conglomerate organization, CNET is a strong player.”

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