PwC Consulting changes name to Monday, but do they know…

— Monday is a fresh start, a positive attitude, part of everyone’s life.
— Monday is a real name, universally understood and easy to remember.
— Monday is confident. It stands out and it stands for something.

You’ve got to be kidding. Monday is the start of a long week, getting kids off to school, going on business trips, etc. In my case simply getting up on Monday is a bitch. There’s nothing positive about Monday.Even The Bangles call it “Manic Monday.” What comes up top of the list in Yahoo about Monday? Let’s put it this way, the best of the bunch is Menstrual Monday (don’t go there). The best part about Monday is when it’s over – Monday Night Football, a highly successful franchise. Now if they had used “Friday” – THAT we’d understand. Who hates Fridays? Wednesday – that’s the Adams Family daughter. There’s Ruby Tuesdays, and Thursday is a happy hour day in many places. Gosh, anything is better than Monday. Or as my pal, Justin says, Monday is the day PWC prays that it gets acquired ever since HP left it at the alter.

PwC press release has more details on the name change. Click here to read it or just go to the website, Introducing Monday