Video-on-demand is dead

Finally there is some good news – Qwest has decided that it will close its Qwest Digital Media operations, which produced, stored and transmitted digital video content. So what that means is that the annoying ads showing a tired business man looking for a room at a roach-motel, or a guy looking for classical greatest hits in a dead beat bar will no longer be on the air. Isn’t downturn wonderful!

On a serious note, it is becoming quite clear that all the talk about video-on-demand using fiber optic networks is sheer nonsense. Earlier Enron Broadband had bailed out of the business, and now Qwest has said, enough is enough. To me it is quite clear that the only video-on-demand application the world needs and seems to be happy with is movies, porn and WWF fights delivered by your unfriendly neighborhood cable guy.

I guess most of the entrepreneurs and visionaries who talked about a world where you could get any movie any time at the click of a remote had little if any touch with reality. Despite being a super-wired technology writer, I do not want to see movies on a computer screen, so what if it is the best Planar Technology LCD display money can buy.

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