Just say no to Apple (Computer)

For some odd reason, Apple Computer continues to trade its customers shabbily. The company which is nothing but a bit player in the computer business, is one of the few companies that enjoys customer goodwill and brand loyalty. Thanks to its wonderfully easy to use operating system and other software, elegant designs, the company gets away with charging outrageous amounts of money for its computers.

No I am not complaining ? I used to own a Titanium PowerBook and despite vowing that I shall never buy an Apple machine again, I succumbed to the curvaceous charms of the new tiny IBook. But when I read recently that Apple was going to charge more for its new IMAC, I was shocked. Some purchasing manager screwed up and the customers have to pay for it. I am surprised that Apple is getting away with it. Once you announce a price, you either cut it or lower it. Despite Steve Jobs constant reminder that Apple is like the BMW or Porsche of the computer industry, it is neither. The computer industry is in a state of oversupply here.

Now let’s take another example – assume Ford Motor Company decided that because Firestone tires were blowing up, the customers who are going to buy its SUVs will have to pay extra to get Michelin or Dunlop tires. Ford, if it dared to do something like that, would find itself in middle of media uproar. A senate investigation would take place. Apple however is getting away with it. Disgusting.

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