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Advertising Round-up: Craigslist; YouTube;

Newmark’s still not up for selling: Despite that rather enthusiastic ‘valuation’ of MySpace at $15 billion on Wednesday, Craig Newmark said he’s still not up for selling Craigslist – even if he raised the money to give it away to a good cause. Newmark was talking at the Picnic 06 Cross Media Week in Amsterdam and said CEO Jim Buckmaster feels the same: “We both know some people who own more than a billion and they’re not any the happier. They also need bodyguards.”
Viral video ads: Advertisers are getting excited about the popularity of ads criculating on sites like YouTube, and becoming increasingly savvy about making this content accessible. VW has 20 ads on its website, and Bud Lite allows people to download them to their iPods. It’s now commonplace for ad agencies to post ads on YouTube and Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Video; a search for ‘commercials’ produces 45,000 results for recent ads, classics plenty of spoofs. is popular too – user ratings make that a powerful and insightful tool for marketeers.

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.