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Apple (AAPL)
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The Justice Department is pouncing on statements by Apple like “aikido move” and “trounce Amazon” to prove its case that Apple was the hub of a illegal conspiracy to fix the price of e-books. While the statements sounds serious, the government’s overall explanation of Apple’s role […] Read more »

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Doctor Who, Matt Smith

BBC Worldwide is making a strategic investment in a company whose technology will let it port its games to any mobile platform. The BBC’s commercial and overseas unit is investing an unspecified sum in Spaceport, whose technology leverages HTML5, Javascript and OpenGL to let creators convert […] Read more »

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Animoto has seen some major growth lately, with more than 4 million registered users — including 200,000 that joined in just the last month. It’s also made a huge addition to its board of directors, with Internet veteran Brad Garlinghouse jumping on board. Read more »

Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

Some of the stories people are talking about this morning: Here is why Facebook bought Instagram (GigaOM) … GroupM: Global Web Ad Spend Up 16 Percent in 2011 (AdWeek) Read more »

photo: Le Club Symphonie / cultura / Corbis

Anti-trust investigations are supposed to be tight-lipped affairs in which all sides lawyer up until the case settles or goes to trial. Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work at least. But in the case of book publishers and Apple, people are tossing legal duties to the wind in the hopes that press leaks will shape a settlement. Read more »

Sourcebooks "Discover a New Love"

In a move to build community and learn more about its customers, mid-sized publisher Sourcebooks is launching a romance e-book club that gives members e-books, discounts and access to online parties and live events for $9.99 for six months. Read more »

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