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Scott Thompson
photo: PayPal

The news that’s been telegraphed for weeks is done: Yahoo is laying off 2,000 staffers, 14.1 percent of its workforce, as new CEO Scott Thompson remakes the business around the buzzwords smaller, nimbler, core, best in class. Thompson isn’t close to finished. Read more »

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Transformers 3
photo: Paramount Pictures

Google has reached an agreement with Paramount Pictures to rent studio titles including Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Captain America and Hugo through YouTube and Google Play. With this deal in place, Google now has titles from five of Hollywood’s six major studios — 20th Century Fox […] Read more »

Stack Of Newspapers On Table
photo: Corbis / Dirk Rees

The Netherlands’ main news titles are collaborating on ideas for a joint payment system that would let readers buy access to each. Dutch publishers’ trade association  NDP Nieuwsmedia confirmed members are exploring possibilities for a “common platform to meet demand for their content”, involving a shared database. […] Read more »

bambuser comic logo

Bambuser users may soon have a much bigger audience: The Swedish live streaming startup has partnered with Associated Press. The news organization will be able to add footage from citizen reporters all around the world its own work, and credit them properly. Read more »

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chee chew

Google is working on turning its Hangouts video chat platform into a collaborative live streaming product that will give everyone the ability to stream their Hangout sessions to an unlimited number of viewers. Check out our interview with Google Engineering Director Chee Chew for details. Read more »


Roku is just about ready to start selling its devices to consumers in Canada, and it looks like the company will concentrate on two models that will sell through Amazon’s local website. We have also heard that Roku’s boxes will be slightly more expensive in Canada. Read more »

James Murdoch and BlackBerry
photo: Murdoch: Hubert Burda Media

Pretty soon, there may be nothing left for James Murdoch to distance himself from. Ahead of a parliamentary report on phone hacking that reportedly may accuse him of “lying”, now he is resigning his chairmanship of the UK’s largest pay-TV operator, BSkyB, saying: “As attention continues […] Read more »

Angry Birds
photo: bfishadow

What if a magazine publisher had devised Angry Birds? Time Inc’s UK publisher IPC Media is creating a new division to develop casual games. But this isn’t strictly a content play. The division, IPC Play, will create “advergames” – marketing game-candy designed as digital adjuncts to the space […] Read more »

Woman running with shopping bag
photo: Corbis

Rich people have phones, like apps and want to buy things using said phones. The less-than-groundbreaking results of a study from the Luxury… Read more »

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