Stories for Feb. 23, 2014

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Stories for Feb. 22, 2014

At the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2015, one of the key debates will be whether to allocate more spectrum to wireless services. Yet, the data that informs this debate is deeply flawed, according to Tim Farrar, and overestimates the demand by as much as 1200 times. Read more »

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Who is Jimmy Fallon, Presidency outsourced, everything that is wrong with Donald Trump, why do we hate Google buses, the last days of Ambercombie & yet another Texas politician who is ambitious. These and more stories are on reading menu this week. Read more »

Stories for Feb. 21, 2014
In Brief

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I snapped this picture of an iControl employee wearing a Pebble and showing off Time Warner Cable’s connected home app on the watch this week. My first thought was that the interface is too cramped to make this a great option, but then I realized for someone (like me) who never has a smartphone, it might actually be handy. I also think using the watch to send crucial notifications (your garage door is open or someone just opened your gun safe) with a gentle buzz would be useful.


Many employees of Willow Garage, which pioneered work in “open source” robotics including Personal Robot 2, have moved on, although the company continues to sell and support its robots. Read more »

In Brief

Wi-Fi not cutting it for you on Nvidia’s Note 7 tablet? You’ll soon be able buy an LTE model of what the company calls the world’s speediest 7-inch Android tablet. Expect to pay $299 — a $100 premium over the current Wi-Fi model — when the new model arrives in the second quarter. The LTE service is a bit of a win for Nvidia which has been working on mobile broadband modems to better compete with Qualcomm in phones and tablets. When it arrives, the new LTE model will run on Android 4.4.2, which is now getting pushed out to the Note 7 Wi-Fi model.

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