Stories for Feb. 20, 2014

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Stories for Feb. 19, 2014
In Brief

There’s a new Microsoft Surface 2 model on the way and this one will have LTE built in. An FCC filing was spotted by Dave Zatz who tweeted out the news and Engadget was able to dig up the details. The only difference seems to be the LTE support from AT&T; Microsoft had previously said the Windows RT device would arrive with LTE in 2014, although it hasn’t said what the extra cost would be. While FCC certification isn’t a product launch guarantee, I’d expect the Surface 2 with LTE to launch between now and Microsoft’s April Build event, bringing more mobile freedom to the tablet.

On The Web

Part of the reason that Tinder has taken off so well in the past few months is that it shows users nearby within a mile radius. However, Businessweek reports that white-hat hackers uncovered location data for users that went much deeper than that mile designation — even triangulating someone’s position within 100 feet. The hole was patched before the beginning of this year, but the process took months and Tinder was slow to respond. It’s also not the first time the company has landed in hot water over its location technology — and its transparency about security.

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