Stories for Mar. 20, 2014

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In Brief

Saffron Technology, a provider of an analytics software that it calls a “natural intelligence platform,” has raised a $7 million series B round of venture capital. The company is focused around providing an advanced class of business intelligence by building a technology that can ingest data from myriad enterprise data sources and add intelligence and memory on top of them. Saffron claims analysts querying the system will get fast results because of the how it remembers attributes of entities in the system, and they’ll be intelligent because of its ability to make connections and learn.

Network Cable

This webinar will outline the business case for 10GBASE-T and its advantages. It will also note where other interfaces are a better choice for certain applications. With every transition, optical is always the first version of the next generation speed, so we’ll look at it and other interfaces such as SR, LR and SFP+ Direct Attach, as there will be cases where these are a better option. Read more »

Stories for Mar. 19, 2014
On The Web

Well this is interesting: Lip sync videos and other fan adaptations of pop hits make record labels more money that the official music videos produced by the labels themselves, according to a report by the Toronto Star (hat tip to hypebot). The paper quotes Universal’s global head of digital business saying calling fan videos a massive growth area, and adding: “We’re very excited about the creativity of consumers using our repertoire and creating their own versions of our videos.” The flow of money is largely due to the fact that YouTube gives record labels the option to monetize third-party videos that use their music, instead of taking them down.

In Brief

Google Search camera commands

Google added a new function to Google Search for Android on Wednesday that lets users speak to their phone and open the camera application in a specific mode. By saying “OK Google, take a photo,” the camera app will open for image capture while an “OK Google, record a video,” command sets the camera up for movie taking. The additional function is another example of Google using voice input on mobile devices, something that will come in very handy for the company’s Android Wear platform that will power smartwatches.

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