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Fans of Google+ can now see how far their content has traveled on the social networking site, as the company announced on Monday that all users will now get a number of “total views” alongside their profile. According to the announcement, that figure represents “the sum of your profile, post and photo views since October 2012.” The feature won’t necessarily mean much to individual users, but it’s an interesting way for brands to see how their content has reached others — analytics on Google+ are relatively fuzzy, so this might be a small step towards a deeper analytics platform for brands.

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GPU maker Nvidia is hoping to ride the wave of artificial intelligence. The company is already powering machine learning workloads within data centers of large companies, but now it’s targeting individuals with a cheap-but-powerful development kit targeted at robotics and the internet of things. Read more »

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Rdio is the next top-tier name to work with Google’s Chromecast streaming stick. On Monday, the music service said its entire 20 million song catalog can be streamed to television through the Chromecast by using the Rdio app on iOS and Android. Don’t skip a step if you don’t use those mobile apps though: Rdio says its web client can also be used to stream music to a Chromecast. Using the apps, Rdio users can tune in to their favorite songs or create a personalized station for streaming, along with album art, to a Chromecast. In addition to Rdio, Crackle and VUDU also launched new apps that support Chromecast Monday.

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MariaDB 10 is out, featuring a “Connect engine” that makes it easier to handle data from both traditional SQL databases and more web-scale NoSQL systems. The new functionality merits new editions of the MariaDB Enterprise and Enterprise Cluster products. Read more »

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Following up on similar work with Intuit’s QuickBooks last year, Square has integrated its transaction tracking tools with Xero’s accounting software, allowing sales data to flow seamlessly from Square’s digital register into Xero’s spreadsheets. We can expect to see more partnerships like these: Square also launched a new software partner program on Monday, designed to make its sales and inventory tracking tools work better with small business software. Square hasn’t revealed who else it is working with or what other pain points besides accounting the program hopes to address.


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Structure 2011: Jayshree Ullal – President and CEO, Arista Networks

Structure 2011: Jayshree Ullal – President and CEO, Arista Networks

It’s about time. On Monday Arista, the company behind a generation of superfast and scalable networking gear, filed to raise up to $200 million via an initial public offering. For Arista’s history and goals check out Om Malik’s epic profile on the company. Unfortunately, as software defined networking has exploded, Arista had been caught with a proprietary operating system that ran counter to the trends we’re seeing with open source code and merchant silicon boxes. Yet, Arista had sales of $361.2 million — up 87 percent from 2012 — and net income of $42.5 million, about double from the year before. Not too shabby compared to many tech IPO hopefuls that are all revenue and no profits.

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Security outfit RSA has already had its name tarnished by the fact that the NSA paid it to distribute a mechanism (the Dual_EC_DRGB “Dual Elliptic Curve” random number generator) that turned out to be flawed. Now Reuters reports that RSA, these days part of EMC, also distributed a second NSA-recommended tool, the “Extended Random” extension, which researchers say made it easier to crack a version of the Dual Elliptic Curve software. Although Extended Random was included in the Bsafe security suite alongside Dual_EC_DRGB, it was sparsely adopted and was removed in the last 6 months. Again, RSA denies deliberately weakening its products.

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