Stories for Feb. 27, 2014
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NoSQL startup DataStax announced on Wednesday that it has added an in-memory option to its commercial version of the Cassandra key-value database. Cassandra is seeing an uptick in adoption right now because of its scalability and ability to span data centers, and the ability to serve data from memory instead of disk will make it a lot faster, too. If the approaches of startups like DataStax, MemSQL and others are any indication, it looks like databases of the future will feature broad ranges of capabilities, data formats and storage options.

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Stories for Feb. 26, 2014
In Brief

If you’ve taken Uber before, you know all about surge pricing: when cars in the area are limited, Uber can raise the fare price of the ride to astronomical levels. It’s a pain point for users that’s likely to become more painful now that a report from The Verge reveals the company purposefully kept drivers off the road in San Diego to encourage surge pricing and “to make earnings even higher” for drivers. Uber confirmed the message, saying the company wanted to “reward” its drivers with good paychecks. While those seem like good intentions, the fact that Uber is subjectively controlling its prices in some markets goes against the supply-and-demand pricing the company has touted in the past.

The founders of Inkshares don’t think the traditional publishing industry is broken, just antiquated and inefficient — and they think marrying crowdfunding and the kinds of services publishers used to offer makes for a pretty compelling service for writers and ultimately for readers as well Read more »

In Brief

toq watch and charger

When I reviewed the Qualcomm Toq watch in December, I thought $349 was a bit much for what’s essentially a Qualcomm technology showcase on your wrist. Now the price is $249 as noted by Android Authority and confirmed on the Toq website. HTC recently licensed the Toq so we may see a re-badged version in the near future. I still think Toq is limited and not as easy to use compared to other smartwatches, but the price cut adds appeal. With so many new wearables hitting the market now, perhaps the days of $300 or more for a smartwatch are over.

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