Stories for Mar. 7, 2014
In Brief

The anonymous sharing iOS app Secret has raised close to $10 million from Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in a round valuing it at over $40 million, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing unidentified sources. The company had previously raised $1.2 million in seed funding, with Google and Kleiner Perkins both participating then as well. Secret also released an update on Friday that lets users share secrets to their social networks and view secrets by location — features that might make the app more appealing to a larger audience.

In Brief

As it has been doing a lot of lately, the Facebook data science team released another study on Friday highlighting a particular facet of the social science treasure trove that is its collection of wall posts. It might be cool to see this kind of data in the hands of non-corporate researchers, but it’s still interesting to see things like how polarized political parties are or how much more positive women seem toward each other than men. Also, “Damn Canadians!”

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Stories for Mar. 6, 2014
In Brief

Braintree may be part of the eBay/PayPal empire now, but it’s not abandoning its focus on becoming the payments provider for emerging startups. Braintree, in fact, is trying to add virgin e-commerce, m-commerce and collaborative consumption companies to its roster by offering to process the first $50,000 of their transactions for free. Braintree started the program, called Ignition, in 2012 with the aim of getting 1,000 startups set up for payments, and companies like Everpurse and Tastemaker signed up. Those companies may not have made it quite as big as its more famous clients like Uber and Airbnb, but with Ignition now open to any U.S. startup, Braintree is hoping it can help get the next Uber off the ground.

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