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A U.K. man has been arrested for running a proxy server that granted access to “piracy” websites that had been blocked by the courts. The unnamed 20-year-old was arrested earlier this week in Nottingham, according to a Thursday statement by the City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). According to Wired, the arrested man was running Immunicity, a proxy service set up in 2013 to bypass court-ordered site blockages. As far as I’m aware, this is the first arrest in the U.K. over the circumvention of copyright-protecting measures by proxy, so it should be an interesting case to watch.

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Stories for Aug. 6, 2014
In Brief

At long last, a company has come to rescue of consumers everywhere and solved the terrible messaging app drought plaguing the planet! Er…wait. Oh Pinterest. It resisted the peer pressure for so long, but it finally caved. On Wednesday, the social scrapbooking application joined the social masses and introduced messaging to its product. The company explained that it would allow people to have “conversations” around pins. When someone shares a pin with you, you’ll be able to response in kind with another pin or a message. Likewise, Pinterest also enabled group messaging around a pin — helpful for trip planning with a crew. It may be a little late to the party, but rabid Pinterest fans will probably be pleased.

In Brief

ipod touch v iphone 6

How much more power will the battery have in Apple’s iPhone 6? About 45 percent more capacity than the power pack in the iPhone 5s suggests analyst Sung Chang Xu, who expects a 2100 mAh battery in Apple’s next phone notes GforGames. This rumor contradicts earlier reports of an 1810 mAh battery in the phone that’s expected to debut at a reported September 9 Apple press event. Considering I’m not familiar with this particular analyst — nor her supply chain sources — I’m not betting money on the 2100 mAh figure just yet. I’m also wondering if the battery capacity is actually for a larger, 5.5-inch edition of the iPhone 6. Either way, don’t equate 45 percent capacity with 45 percent more run-time on a charge: It’s going to take more power to light those pixels on a bigger screen.

photo: Wikimedia Commons

A wildlife photographer’s request to have his image of a monkey removed from Wikimedia’s open-source library was denied because the organization argued the photographer doesn’t own the copyright to the picture — and legally speaking, Wikimedia is probably in the right Read more »

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