Stories for Aug. 11, 2014
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It’s kind of trendy for retailers to start accepting bitcoin. Services like Coinbase are making it easier for them to do so, and it provides good publicity, as the cryptocurrency remains outside the mainstream. But that’s not to say it’s just a stunt – Dell opened up to bitcoin payments last month, and over the weekend founder Michael Dell tweeted that someone had put in a server order for 85 bitcoin, or around $50,000. Not bad for physical servers (renting the virtual kind with bitcoin is old hat). Retailer Overstock said in March that it had taken $1 million in bitcoin payments in just two months.

Stories for Aug. 10, 2014

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Stories for Aug. 9, 2014
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Stories for Aug. 8, 2014
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Sportscaster ESPN is getting ready to shut down its public API. ESPN’s API team announced this week that it won’t be issuing any new API keys going forward, and that all previously issued API keys are going to be revoked in early December. The move will help the company to “better align engineering resources with the growing demand to develop core ESPN products,” the team said in a blog post. ESPN isn’t the only media company that recently decided to pull the plug on a public API: Netflix announced two months ago that it will shutter its public API in November.

In Brief

Vienna’s commercial court has decided it’s not the right place to adjudicate a massive and unprecedented class action suit over Facebook’s alleged breaking of European privacy law. As Network World reported on Friday, the court said the suit should be heard in a nearby court that deals with civil cases. Max Schrems, the man orchestrating the suit, told me this was because the case straddled the line between contract and data protection issues, and the court had merely decided the latter was more relevant than the former. “It’s a wholly administrative thing,” he said. 25,000 people have joined the suit, and another 20,000 have signed up to follow if Schrems decides it’s practical to expand the list.

Stories for Aug. 7, 2014
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