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Stories for Apr. 5, 2014

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Zebras, bucks, deer, chimpanzees and cows — it is the Animal Planet edition of what to read this weekend. And they are all thought-provoking stories. Happy reading! Read more »

Stories for Apr. 4, 2014
In Brief

Citus Data, a startup focused on turning PostgreSQL into a scale-out analytic engine, has developed a developed a columnar data store for the popular open source database. The company is open sourcing its extension for single-node environments, although it’s offering a distributed version as part of its CitusDB software. Citus already supported interactive SQL queries over Postgres (on which its technology is based), Hadoop and MongoDB, but columnar stores are faster for certain types of queries. Also, the compression features of the ORC file format that CitusDB uses can cut disk space by more than half.

On The Web

“[The internet of things] is not necessarily about the Internet, or connectivity. Instead, it’s about recognizing that you can’t replace everything in your life with a mobile app, and embracing that dedicated physical objects and interfaces are usually better tools than touch screens. Everything has a brain, now, and everything is speaking relatively understandable languages.” Some great thoughts here. Go read it.

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