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Stories for Aug. 13, 2014
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Amazon has taken an undisclosed stake in Acquia, a startup that provides commercial services around the open-source Drupal content management system. Acquia relies on Amazon Web Services to help the startup handle the 333 terabytes of bandwidth it serves up each month, Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert wrote in a blog post; the startup runs on over 8,000 AWS instances. In late May, Acquia took in $50 million in a series F funding round, which brought total investment in the Burlington, Mass.-based company to $118.6 million.

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A new service called Live App Testing is available for programmers making apps that run on Amazon’s FireOS devices. Live App Testing allows beta versions of such apps that developers can distribute to users who own a Kindle Fire, Fire Phone or Fire TV says Android Central. Amazon announced the Live App Testing initiative through its developer blog on Wednesday noting that end users can be invited to install and beta test applications, helping developers ensure they run properly on Amazon hardware. In that regard, Amazon’s Live App Testing is similar to programs currently available or planned for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms.

In Brief

The steady drip of new members to the AllSeen Alliance continues. Industrial sensor and consumer appliance maker Bosch, Cloud of Things, home hub maker Revolv and building management service Shaspa have joined the effort to promote the open source AllJoyn protocol as a standard for the internet of things. Adding Bosch is significant because it brings another large appliance brand to existing members LG, Sears and Panasonic, and the addition of Revolv is also interesting since the common thinking is a protocol like AllJoyn might one day replace hubs. For more on the Alliance, check out the recent podcast I did with Liat Ben-Zur, the head of the Alliance.

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