Stories for Jul. 11, 2002

New Study: Subscription Sites Gaining Traction: Subscription-based websites are gaining more traction with customers, according to a survey… Read more »

Movielink Hires Top Execs. for On-Demand Service: Movielink, the much delayed video-on-demand service, has hired three top executives. Movie… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 10, 2002

CBGB’s Events, for $3.95 Per Week: VitalStream, a digital broadcast enabler, has tied up with online payment PayPal to develop low-cost stre… Read more »

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Pressplay’s CEO Leaves Ship: Only seven months into the launch of Pressplay online music subscription service, its CEO Andy Schuon is leavin… Read more »

AP’s Radio News, Coming to a Wireless Screen Near You: The Associated Press has begun making some of its radio news broadcasts available thr… Read more »

Yahoo’s Q2 Results–Back in Black: Yahoo reported a net profit of $21.4 million or 3 cents per share in the second quarter, compared with a… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 9, 2002

Glimmer for Yahoo: Even though most of Yahoo’s revenues are still advertising dependent, the web portal is is expected to report revenue of… Read more »

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European Music Spending: According to a survey by Screen Digest, subscriptions to music libraries, which can be accessed via different digit… Read more »

Nokia, IBM Tie Up for Mobile Content Delivery: Nokia and I.B.M. will jointly develop software to distribute music and other media securely… Read more »

Big Brother 24/7, on RealOne: CBS has tied up with RealNetworks to provide live video streaming from the “BIG BROTHER 3″ house, through its… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 8, 2002

Rich Gordon draws some parallels between the Netflix online DVD subscription service and online content. “[N]etflix has done something that… Read more »

Mazingo Ties Up With Mazingo, a wireless content distribution startup, has tied up with Weather Channel to deliver forecasts to… Read more » and game maker WildTangent have created a subscription online interactive game called “Hit the Pros,” which makes use of actua… Read more »

Liquid Audio and Roadrunner to Develop Subscription Digital Music Club: Liquid Audio, which is in the process of reverse-merging with Allian… Read more »

EarthLink Launches Music Service Powered by FullAudio: EarthLink, one of the biggest ISPs in U.S., has launched a digital music service. The… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 7, 2002

Mobile Gaming Hinges on Micro-Billing Systems: A new study from Frost & Sullivan reveals that the mobile gaming industry worldwide generated… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 6, 2002

Not exactly on topic, but a new research by Park Associates shows that video-on-demand customers prefer monthly pricing models than pay-per-… Read more »

(via TEoF): BBC Online may be considering charging for content from heavy users of its website. The online unit of the Beeb is a commercial… Read more »

Oh god, it is so early in the day, but still if you are so interested, I would love you to watch me on CNBC where i pontificate on the whole WorldCom mess. Tune in if you can, it is at 6.30 am on Monday, July […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 5, 2002

Dutch Newspaper’s Per Hour Access Fee: This takes the prize of the most innovative (or weird, maybe?) subscription model– The Dutch newspa… Read more »

Outlook India :: Silicon Valley is still recession-hit but brave geeks ride on top of it. For those who forget history, most of todayÃs bluechips were founded in the Ã80s recession. Read more » Uses Yahoo To Promote Subscriptions:, the online version of The Financial Times, which recently unveiled its online subscripti… Read more »

Notice of Death (second item): ObitMessenger, a service by, takes the concept very literally: This new service searches the daily… Read more »

Outlook India :: Silicon Valley is still recession-hit but brave geeks ride on top of it. For those who forget history, most of todayˆs bluechips were founded in the ˆ80s recession. Read more »

Stories for Jul. 4, 2002 Raises Fee by $20 Per Year: So it has finally happened… has increased its yearly fee to $79 from $59 for nonprint subscribe… Read more »

Another one of those “pasty white” stories on paid online content. The usual suspects are interviewed for the story, including, FT.c… Read more »

CNET to Buy U.K.’s Technology publisher CNET Networks may buy Silicon Media Group, the European online tech publishing busines… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 3, 2002

Revenues from Content Distribution: The online digital content distribution market is becoming increasingly important to the revenue prospec… Read more »

Canada’s History Since 1844, Now in a Subscription Package: The Globe and Mail, Canada’s biggest daily newspaper, has released “Canada’s Her… Read more »

The User Vs. Viewer: “The entertainment industry must acknowledge that it is marketing its products to an empowered body of citizens who con… Read more »

Music Labels Should Work With ISPs To Offer Subscription Services: In response to the Wall Street Journal story today (see below), Raymond J… Read more »

(via TEoF): BT is beta testing a micropayments service for U.K that will let users buy online services/products/content and add the bill to… Read more »

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