Stories for Jul. 3, 2002

The User Vs. Viewer: “The entertainment industry must acknowledge that it is marketing its products to an empowered body of citizens who con… Read more »

Music Labels Should Work With ISPs To Offer Subscription Services: In response to the Wall Street Journal story today (see below), Raymond J… Read more »

(via TEoF): BT is beta testing a micropayments service for U.K that will let users buy online services/products/content and add the bill to… Read more »

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Music Labels Plan New Offensive: The Wall Street Journal (via reports on how major music companies are preparing to mount a broad… Read more »

Subscription Clearinghouse in the Making? (Via TEoF): Qtik is a new online subscription clearinghouse solution, similar to ones that have be… Read more »

Media Central Pulls Back on Paid Content: Media Central, the media-related business magazine unit that is part of Primedia group, is unravel… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 2, 2002

Yahoo Launches New Homepage: As planned, Yahoo has relaunched its streamlined homepage, meant to be more advertiser-friendly. The redesign a… Read more »

Altnet Tops 2 Million: Altnet P2P network, which is distributed along with the popular KaZaa file-swapping software, has clocked more than 2… Read more »

MatchLive To Bring Singles in NYC Together: Online dating site today announced the launch of, a new subscription-bas… Read more »

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Online music company Liquid Audio (Nasdaq: LQID) has sued geo-targeting company InfoSplit for using for infringing on its patent. The patent… Read more »

Backstage Free with the Price of a CD: Even as the parent company remains in turmoil, Vivendi Universal Net USA (VUNet USA) has launched “Ba… Read more »

Applying Economics 101 to Content: Vin Crosbie applied some basic economic lesson to online content, and comes to the conclusion that the cu… Read more »

Will TEoF Go Paid?: In response to the story below, the End of Free weblog may be considering going charging to some the site down the line,… Read more »

With Vivendi CEO Jean-Marie Messier’s resignation Monday, questions are now being raised about the conglomerate Read more »

WorldCom Aftermath:: If you recall all the problems that followed in the wake of KPNQwest bankruptcy, wait till the big bully hits the dirt. Probe reseach of Cedar Hills, NJ believes that with WorldCom, Global Crossing, Qwest and many others § created the disaster it is […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 1, 2002

Audio Interview with CEO: An audio interview with Sean Ryan, CEO of, which operates the Rhapsody online music subscrip… Read more »’s Stories to Be Made in TV Series: In what is perhaps a first for an online community site, Classmates Online, a personal net… Read more » Gets Vivendi; AOL Agrees to CD Burning: The online music subscription field is hotting up, at least from the companies’ sides. Li… Read more »

Digimarc, the content-security and watermarking company, has received four new patents. “U.S. Patent Number 6,400,827 was issued last month… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 30, 2002

Fraud Protection for Mobile Payments: Visa plans to launch a fraud-prevention service for mobile payments next year. Users will be able to u… Read more »’s CEO Gambit: has launched “CEO Network”, an online invitation-only community section where invited CEOs will have acc… Read more »

The Context of Content: Another long post on Online Writing List (no easy way to link to it…click on read messages, scroll down and read t… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 28, 2002

AOL Latin America Users Fall: Not directly related to content, but access to content. America Online Latin America expects its membership to… Read more »

Entertainment Content Ready to be Monetized: Film & Video magazine takes a look at paid content efforts by fledgling entertainment greenfiel… Read more »

Why Film Studios Won?t Be ‘Napsterized’: Microsoft’s head of its digital media division Will Poole offers his opinion on why he thinks movie… Read more »

I was a featured guest on for an online chat. It was about WorldCom and like most of you know there is nothing i like more than sharing my opinions (i have many) with others. In case you want to read the transcript of the […] Read more »

Big Brother Gains Norwegian Viewers: Norwegian telecom operator Telenor has reported that it has registered 50,000 paying subscriptions to t… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 27, 2002

The New Portal Shakeout : Andrew Goodman takes a look at the re-configured media portal sector, and believes that MSN will be lapping up a l… Read more »

CNET Cuts 10 Percent Staff; Reorganizes: CNET Networks (Nasdaq: CNET), which has failed to capitalize on its valuable content, is reducing i… Read more »

Salon’s CEO Responds on Finances: In response to stories about so-called dire financials, CEO Michael O’Donnell has responded publ… Read more »

CNN has launched a subscription-based news ticker/alert service called Newswatch. The heart of the service is the “SmartScreen”, a full-scre… Read more »

Does the Subscription Industry Need Associations?: There’re apparently two of them, and Subscription Website Publishers As… Read more »

Let’s Jam Together: Jimmy Gutterman, the editor and publisher of Media Unspun asks the online publishers to band together to survive and thr… Read more »

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