Stories for Jan. 22, 2003

Microsoft and Music Choice Team Up to Offer Subscription Music Services in Europe: Music Choice Europe, a digital music broadcaster, has tie… Read more »

Dan Gillmor: Internet Content in Peril in Non-Competitive World: A very valid point raised by Dan Gillmor: ” Walt Disney Co. signed a little… Read more »

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Mobile P*r-n ‘Could Generate £2.5bn': A more elaborate story on the statement by the CEO of Private Media Group, reported yesterday. He rec… Read more »

Exploring… Content Strategies: A white paper series on content and
content-related issues, in the eContent magazine. Six articles by indus… Read more »

Yahoo Japan Says Q3 Profits Doubled: Yahoo Japan, the country’s most popular Web portal, said Wednesday that its third quarter profit more t… Read more »

The Music Business and the Big Flip: Clay Shirky on why the music industry operates in reverse to the publishing/online publishign industry… Read more »

The Storm Over Ynet: An interesting story about a consumer backlash against Ynet, the leading Israeli content site, and the social and polit… Read more »

An interesting twist on online subscription, a point I have noted before in my brief about Weatherbug: it is offering the options of paying… Read more »

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Off to covering the Linuxworld! It is sunny bright and cold! But I am sure things are going to be quite hot inside the Jacob Javits center. The mission today is to find interesting companies and interesting products. I am keen on checking out some new […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 21, 2003

BBC is extending its news text service to India’s 4 million mobile phone users, in a deal with mobile phone company Orange. BBC will provide… Read more »

Shazam Looks for More Material: Music recognition company Shazam has inked an agreement with Key Production, a broker and manufacturer for t… Read more »

Factiva To Offer Services To Clients Affected by Divine’s Troubles: Factiva is offering a replacement product to customers of Divine’s Speci… Read more »

Porn Will be 3G’s Killer App: Pornography will be the main driver of third-generation (3G) mobile services demand, according to the CEO of a… Read more »

Keeping Track of the Online Music Industry: A story about a new music technology company, Relatable, which imprints files with a code, allow… Read more »

Pocket PC Films To Distribute Movies on PDA: An interesting story about Pocket PC Films, a company that provides the technology and the cont… Read more »

Online Games Very Popular Across Asia: Online games are becoming the rage across Asia as Internet usage grows, with Web gamers outnumbering… Read more »

Reasons Why Readers Pay: Business 2.0 does a story on why users pay for Ask one price for all, develop different verticals,… Read more »

JavaWorld Archives to Be Available by Subscription (via TEoF): JavaWorld, an online J2EE community and tutorial site run by an Austin-based… Read more »

Online Games Very Popular Across Asia: Online games are becoming the rage across Asia as Internet usage grows, with Web gamers outnumbering… Read more »

Salon Clings to Dot-Com Swagger: is expected to announce a new scheme later this week: either subscribe, or be subjected to multip… Read more » Posts Profit: Once written off as another flamed-out Web portal, Chinese media company has roared back to life with its se… Read more »

O2 Hires Former Sky Director to Develop Paid Data Services: Mobile operator O2 has hired ex-Sky marketing sage David Chance to boost its wir… Read more »

Yahoo and AOL: Reversal of Fortunes: The past two years have seen a dramatic reversal of fortunes for Internet bellwethers AOL Time Warner a… Read more »

Reader’s Digest Launches Website for Dieters: Reader’s Digest has launched, a subscription-based online service and resource f… Read more »

JumpTV To Broadcast Online Despite Canadian Ruling: Canadian webcaster brushed aside a regulatory ruling that bars it from retran… Read more »

Aamir Khan’s External Affairs : He’s India’s hottest star, with global ambitions after the blockbuster success of home production Lagaan. She’s a lowprofile film researcher from London who’s besotted with Bollywood. And if the buzz is to be believed, the recently-divorced 38-year-old Khan and thirty-something […] Read more »

Unload that ‘worthless’ stock | :: Even shares in companies that have gone bankrupt have a market. Finding it, and cashing out, can mean claiming a loss at tax time. Read more »

Sari, Wrong Number : :: Sari, Wrong Number Having survived for ages, is ‘the’ Indian garment dying? Read more »

exchange4media :: In a strategic move, Coca-Cola India has roped in Bollywood film star to endorse its flagship brand Coca-Cola in the highly competitive segment. Prior to this move, a number of leading cine stars have lent their names to promote the Coke brand (including Aamir […] Read more »

Reeling In The New : :: Bollywood Movies 2003 Preview:: 2003 will decide whether Bollywood will survive or if it’ll be The End.’ Here are some of the milestones on that crucial course. Make your choice. Read more »

Red Herring, January 29, 2003: The coming ubiquity of personal video recorders will lead to their demise. Read more »

Stories for Jan. 20, 2003

Who Will Buy Friends Reunited? (UK): A speculative story on who may buy Friends Reunited, the UK community site similar to in… Read more »

Modern Tales Develops into a Subscription Comics ASP of Sorts: I have been skeptical of the online comics company Modern Tales for a while n… Read more »

Major Labels Bring Back Net Music Giveaway: Major music and technology companies will bring back a promotion they tried six months ago to at… Read more »

Forget coupons and advertising; the next frontier for location-based wireless services is the location-appropriate downloadable app. Interes… Read more »

Sony?s New Day: If you read one story for today, read this. Stephen Levy does a story on how Sony is trying to re-invent itself for the digi… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 19, 2003

Investment Ideas: Online Media?: Get out of this doom and gloom, and invest in online media: this is Nick Denton’s advice. “Valuations are s… Read more »

Canadian Newspaper The Record Goes Subscription, With a Twist: Candian newspaper The Record, out of Kitchener, Ontario, is going subscriptio… Read more »

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