Stories for Sep. 3, 2002

Kramer vs. Cramer: Business 2.0 compares the different strategies of CBS MarketWatch and Also read the accompanying story on… Read more »

SMS Services in Europe Signals User’s Shift: Text messages for Europe’s mobile phone operators signals an attitude shift among consumers: wi… Read more » :: Spitzer on trail of Salomon Bankers :: Amid disclosures that investment-banking clients of Salomon Smith Barney pocketed huge profits from hot IPOs, the New York attorney general’s office is looking into the activity of senior Salomon executives who worked closely with former research analyst […] Read more »

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Stories for Sep. 2, 2002

Can Yahoo Make ‘em Pay?”: The story focuses on Yahoo’s partnership with SBC Communications to sell broadband access. SBC subscribers who sig… Read more »

Tivoted If you think that Mac users are fanatical, you should check out the TiVoted, worshippers of the TiVo personal video recorder (PVR), a fancy device that can record television shows, minus the commercials, to a disk drive for you to view at your leisure. The […] Read more »

Stories for Sep. 1, 2002

Read My Weblog, Feed My Weblog: It was only a matter of time before somebody jumped on this idea: a subscription clearinghouse for weblogs.… Read more »

New York Times :: Another Slap at Democracy on Wall St :: Millions of investors rushed into the stock market in the 1990’s, believing that Wall Street was at least a fairly level playing field. Although they have since learned how illusory that notion was, the […] Read more »

New York Times :: Telecom Wreck Provides an Opening for AT&T :: WorldCom, Global Crossing and the Williams Communications Group, along with a half-dozen other providers of telecom services to business, are all in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Many of them are also shedding customers and […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 31, 2002

New York Times :: Ebbers Made $11 Million on 21 Stock Offerings ::Bernard J. Ebbers, WorldCom’s former chief executive, made more than $11 million in four years on 21 hot stock offerings he received from Salomon Smith Barney, according to documents released yesterday by the House […] Read more »

New York Times ::So finally he has been caught lying. I think it is quite evident to us that there is more to Level 3 than meets the eye. Today’s NYTimes reports that James Q. Crowe, another former WorldCom director who is chief executive of Level […] Read more »

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Stories for Aug. 30, 2002

Light Reading :: The war of words and research building between WorldCom Inc. and AT&T Corp. just got hotter. In an interview with Light Reading today, Vinton Cerf, WorldCom’s senior vice president of Internet architecture and technology, spoke out about AT&T’s claims. “They’resuffering from network envy […] Read more »

New York Times :: Gary Winnick, the billionaire chairman and founder of Global Crossing, may have helped oversee the company’s aggressive use of swapping communications capacity on its fiber optic network with other companies, according to documents obtained by a Congressional committee. Read more »

Stories for Aug. 29, 2002

breakingviews :: So Marconi has done its deal with its creditors. And, as expected, the banks and bondholders have ended up with the lion’s share of what value is left in the former high-flying telecoms manufacturer. Not only do the creditors receive £260m of cash and […] Read more »

Online Gaming Set to Take Off in Singapore: Singapore’s market for Internet-based gaming is set to reach $9.2 million by 2005, from just $1.… Read more »

Read all about it! On your mobile. News services for mobiles are now more appealing – but will they succeed? Read more »

Average Revenues Per User for Wireless Predicted to Decline: A new survey ARC Group says that the average revenue per user (ARPU) is set to… Read more »

IndustryClick :: If you ever wanted an encapsulated account of the rise and fall of the telecom market, you have come to the right place. Other than the recently revealed fraudulence of WorldCom and company–which after all can be found in ALL industries and businesses–the […] Read more » ::Billionaire financier Carl C. Icahn announced yesterday that he has agreed to acquire almost all of XO Communications Inc.’s $1 billion in bank debt through a tender offer of 50 cents on the dollar. Read more » :: A federal grand jury in New York indicted two former WorldCom Inc. executives on charges of securities fraud yesterday while three other officials at the telecommunications giant indicated that they are prepared to admit wrongdoing and cooperate with prosecutors in the fast-paced investigation. Scott […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 28, 2002

British Firm OD2 Launches New Version of Subscription Music Service Using Credit System: On Demand Distribution (OD2), a British technology… Read more »

Lessons from the Satellite Radio Troubles: WSJ has a story on the troubles facing subscription satellite radio services Sirius and XM Satell… Read more »

Okay there is a lot of freaky emails we get, but this one caught my eye – I am not sure how true this is, but give it a shot, what do you have to lose. except your dignity. We hope you are riding THE SINGLES […] Read more »

RealNetworks a Big Loser if Baseball Strike Goes Ahead: If Major League Baseball players go on strike this week, one of the losers may be Re… Read more »

Factiva CEO as the Paid Content Evangelist?: Factiva PR machine is trying to position its CEO Clare Hart as the paid content industry expert… Read more »

India among 30 most corrupt countries:: Survey :: India ranks among the 30 most corrupt nations, according to a survey by a leading international NGO on Wednesday. India with a score of 2.7 on a scale of 10, stands 71st along with Russia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania […] Read more »

Wall Street Journal :: At a time when WorldCom Inc. was sending tens of millions of dollars in investment-banking business to Salomon Smith Barney, the big Wall Street firm allocated nearly one million shares of coveted initial public offerings to Bernard Ebbers, the telecom company’s former […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 27, 2002

Guardian Unlimited :: Cricket :: Ganguly puts India’s finest overseas victory in perspective At 12.53 the mood that had been welling for the last two days came to a head. The Indians spilled into one another’s arms with glory in their eyes, and their supporters in […] Read more » :: The Sanjay Dutt Tape ::The controversial transcript of the audio cassette played in the Special Court in Mumbai on July 26, containing alleged telephone conversation between Pakistan-based gangster Chhota Shakeel and Sanjay Dutt, Harish Sugandh, Sanjay Gupta and Mahesh Manjrekar on Dec 14, 2000 Read more » :: cheb i sabbah – krishna lila :: review :: Krishna Lila is the final work in DJ Cheb i Sabbah’s trilogy, which began with Shri Durga, followed by the remix collection, Mahamaya. Shri Durga is undoubtedly a difficult album to beat, but Cheb i […] Read more »

Pay For Fresh, Archives Free?: Rusty Foster, founder of the popular community site Kuro5hin, has a contrarian thought: “Has anyone tried the… Read more »

A New World of Internet Fees: Although some companies have stumbled, analysts predict that charging for formerly free services is the wave o… Read more »

Shipping News : At sea about monetizing content? Become a sailor: Learn navigation, use your compass, and know the waters your sailing in. Read more » ::Welcome to the wasteland of telecommunications stocks. Massive debt loads, enormous overcapacity and stingy customers weigh on the group like a bushel of ten-ton trucks. Can this sector ever find its way back? Sifting through the book cookery of WorldCom, the investigations plaguing Qwest and […] Read more »

Will Declining Birth Rates in Japan Affect Online Gaming Revenues: An interesting point in this story on Japanese game software maker Square… Read more » First Ever Online Televised Game, Even as Strike Looms: Even with the looming threat of a player strike that could cripple its fan b… Read more »

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