Stories for Aug. 10, 2002

Interesting Facts and Figures about Some interesting facts about, the companion website for the ven… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 9, 2002

Audience Increases to Paid Sites: Following up on my earlier posting about traffic to the website, CBS MarketWatch does a story on t… Read more »

Red Herring :: An irrational mania for mergers and acquisitions drove the telecommunications bonanza, not consumer demand or earnings growth. Read more »

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The end of free? Please, let it be!: Charles Cooper of CNET believes that content was neither born free, nor was it meant to be tha… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 8, 2002

Reed Elsevier’s Online Revenues to be More than $1.5 Billion This Year: Global publisher Reed Elsevier claims to be on course to hit its rev… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 7, 2002

OK, is 18 days late on this: I broke the being back story, on July 19. So read my take, and then’s, if you wa… Read more »

 CEO of Kanakaris Wireless on its Online Movie Delivery Service: An audio interview with Alex Kanakaris, CEO of Kanakaris Wireless (OTC BB… Read more »

Net’s Newest Boomtowns: Online Virtual Worlds: Business 2.0 has a fascinating story on how game publishers such as Sony are raking in money… Read more »

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Korea’s National Pastime: Game With Elves: South Korea’s NCSoft runs the biggest online multi-player game in the world. On any given day, “L… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 6, 2002

Microsoft To Launch a Subscription Service Similar to RealOne?: Following in RealNetworks’ steps, Microsoft is setting itself up as a one-ma… Read more »

Playboy Online Now has 131,000 Subscribers: The online division of Playboy has narrowed its losses to $2.9 million, a 53 percent improvement… Read more »

A virtual hit parade of broadband bankruptcies, WorldCom, being the latest, has put the entire future of the Internet at risk. It is time to worry about the gradual degradation of the quality of the Internet and the digital lifestyle we have all become accustomed with. […] Read more »

Digital Versions of Magazines Picking Up Momentum: Digital download versions of magazines are picking up some momentum. Today, Technology Re… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 3, 2002

Lynchian Surrealism, At a Price:, the bizarre website of the director David Lynch, is an absurd collection of sound, image, a… Read more »

ON24 Shutters Financial News Unit: Financial multi-media news seems to be disappearing online. First the closure of Yahoo FinanceVision, and… Read more » Net Loss Down 43 Percent; Subscription Rev. Contributes 43 Percent of Revs.: Salon Media Group’s (Nasdaq: SALNC) fiscal first-quar… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 2, 2002

Qtik Attempts to Bring Online Content Sites Together: A Subscription Clearinghouse in the Making? (free registration required): A story I di… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 1, 2002

Copley News Service Launches Syndicated Download Site: Copley News Service is launching a new download website, which will offer about 80 co… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 31, 2002

Content Sites to Pay Indian ISPs?: Some of the biggest content sites/portals would have to pay a toll to be accessed by users in India, if p… Read more »’s Rhapsody online music service will now be distributed through to Hughes Electronics’ DirecTV Broadband and AOL Time Warner’s Ro… Read more »

Pressplay To Offer Unlimited Downloads: Pressplay, the major-label backed online music subscription service, will offer listeners access to… Read more »

Light Reading :: The venture capital industry continued to slow in the second quarter of 2002 with telecom investments reaching the lowest levels since the fourth quarter of 1998. Total investments in the telecom and networking sectors dropped by more than half from last year. Read more »

Will Users Pay of News Webcasts?: Reuters analyzes whether users will pay for news webcasts, in wake of ABC News’ decision to start charging… Read more »

ABC News Launches News-On-Demand, For $4.95 a Month: Following’s lead, ABC News has launched a subscription service called “ABC News… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 30, 2002

Sony’s EverQuest Largest Game Weekend Ever: Sony Online Entertainment announced that EverQuest, its online role-playing game, hosted 100,000… Read more »

AOL Still Bullish On Premium Services: America Online still plans to launch a bevy of premium services–the original plans started when AOL… Read more »

Factiva CEO Sees Two Year Consumer Learning Cycle on Paid Content (via TEoF): Factiva CEO Clare Hart believes that consumers will be coughin… Read more »

EDGAR Online’s Subscription Revenues Up 75 Percent: EDGAR Online, the business information provider, reported revenues of $4.1 million for Q… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 29, 2002 Gains 17,000 Subscribers Since May: has signed up 17,000 subscribers to its subscription services since it launched paid-for c… Read more » Raises $715,000 in New Financing: Salon Media Group has disclosed that it has raised an additional $715,000 in bridge loan financi… Read more »

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