Stories for Jan. 15, 2003

Australian Online Media Companies Fail to Produce Black Ink: A long and fascinating story on Australian online media market: players such as… Read more »

Classmates Online Appoints New CEO: Classmates Online, an online
community, has appointed Michael Smith as president and CEO. Smith has
serv… Read more »

Make or Break Year for Canadian Music Subscription Services: “Almost four years after the invention of Napster, the major Canadian labels ar… Read more »

Upcoming Events Reaches for Home Market: In a sign that fledgling Internet music services are expanding beyond the PC, subscription service Liste… Read more »

Internet Firms Seen Posting Solid 4Q Growth: Internet firms such as Yahoo, DoubleClick and others are “expected to post solid growth in prof… Read more »

Gates: News on Every Wrist: Staci Kramer’s take on Bill Gates’ plans for a new era in which we rely less on the computer — and more on mobi… Read more »

Yahoo Enjoys a Rebound That Rivals Haven’t Seen: WSJ does an analysis story on Yahoo, ahead of its Q4 earnings later today. “[Y]ahoo needs t… Read more »

Hoover’s Investor Hires Adviser to Look At Deal Options:This fight is being played out in the public: Marathon Partners, a 9 percent Hoover’… Read more »

Bandai Announces Launch of i-mode Content Service in Germany: Japanese company Bandai has launched “Charappa,” a content service for the Eur… Read more »

Hoover’s and D&B: Perfect Together?: An analysis report by the Perkins Group: looks at the price offered by D&B for Hoover’s and concludes t… Read more »

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Yahoo Goes Broad, While Google Sticks to Roots: A good analysis by Jimmy Gutterman, on the differences between the two companies’ strategies… Read more »

Started as a Gimmick, Ring-Tone Sales Near $1 Billion: I will forever be amazed at the market for ring-tones…I can bet there are at least… Read more »

MusicNet Licenses Fantasy Jazz Label: Online music service MusicNet has reached a licensing deal with Fantasy, an independent jazz label and… Read more »

Anticipating Yahoo’s Q4 results: Yahoo is expected to post earnings of about $36.4 million, or 6 cents a share–analysts have been anticipat… Read more »

Alan Reiter believes that the only hope for Microsoft Watch project will be “a variety of consumer-oriented personalization applications” which would like in cellphones allow us to change the faceplates and time display options. Another big area of growth he suggests could be vhe watch-version of […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 14, 2003

Content Is Crap: A provocative column by Arnold Kling on why info-mediaries still matter, written in light of the much-hyped launch of Creat… Read more »

Why Music Stays Free?: Vin Crosbie’s analysis of why the music market is essentially malfunctioning due to bad pricing decisions by music co… Read more »

LexisNexis Goes the Custom Portal Route: LexisNexis announced that Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, a global law firm, has become the next f… Read more » Launches Info. Toolbar: The “push” media is receiving a new push, and the challenge going ahead would be to figure out a way to m… Read more »

Studio Copyright Battles Worthy of Hollywood Script: Licensing red-tape is preventing movies from being released online, and creating huge t… Read more »

Steal This Book? A Publisher Is Making It Easy: “Prentice Hall is publishing a line of computer books, the “Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series… Read more »

Entertainment, Tech Firms Reach Truce on Digital Piracy: The leading trade associations for the music and technology industries, which have… Read more »

Yahoo Looks to Launch Wireless Subscription Services in India: Yahoo, which has more than 27 million registered accounts from India, expects… Read more »

CNet Cuts 80 jobs in a New Layoff: Read my lips, CNet Networks will not end this year as they started–they will either be acquired or be in… Read more »

At the recently concluded CES, TiVo which pretty much defined the PVR business got some good news and then some bad news. First the Good News: TiVo announced several new models, including an HD-capable set-top that will be featured in the DirecTV product lineup later this […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 13, 2003

Hosting tech, a hosting industry publication has ceased publication. Just got an email from the editor. “As you may be aware, as of January 10, 2002, management of HostingTech has decided to cease further publication of the magazine. The current advertising contraction within the service provider […] Read more »

Viewsonic, the display company is going through a major makeover. The company has launched Smart displays, Tablet PCs and also some Media center XP-based machines. The company has decided to get into the desktop business as well. My how the CEO James Chu has changed his […] Read more »

Jupitermedia Launches Analysts Blogs: A week after I wrote a story which exhorted research companies for not taking the initiative on weblog… Read more »

Paid Content More Successful on Mobile than on the PC: A new report released from Jupiter shows that by 2006 European consumers will spend E… Read more »

Red Herring :: ‘See, not everyone selling phone service is what you’d call a phone company,” says the gravelly voice-over on a recent TV ad. As pigeons land on (and presumably crap on) moodily lit phone lines, the ruffled feathers are obvious. “SBC has telecommunications networks […] Read more »

RealNetworks is signing up the sports operators in a hurry…PGA will offer subscription programming through the RealOne SuperPass multi-med… Read more »

Mobile firms eye ‘Playboy’ services: Something which was only a matter of time: Mobile phone companies in UK are turning to soft porn in a b… Read more »

Yahoo Makes Online Dating Easier with Video, Voice: In an overture to new paying subscribers, Yahoo is adding video and voice capabilities t… Read more »

Sites You Would Pay For, According to WSJ Writers: WSJ writers Tim Hanrahan and Jason Fry list their list of sites they would pay for. Inter… Read more »

From Broadband Daily:: After a year of increasingly bitter corporate infighting that pits virtually all of the AOL Time Warner divisions against its failing online unit, AOL and Internet pioneer Steve Case quit in a move that caps growing vitriol in the press against the new […] Read more »

So now with AOL’s Steve Case gone here are my predictions of what is going to happen: AOL Time Warner would become Time Warner Netscape Division which is hardly making any money is going to be shut down. Suddenly AOL will be default software for RoadRunner, […] Read more »

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