Stories for Feb. 11, 2003

Economist thinks TiVo is toast but personal video recorders are here to stay. Oh wait where have I read that before? In Red Herring of course!! Read more »

From New Republic Online:: A recent Wall Street Journal article hilariously documented this phenomenon, most memorably illustrated by the complaint “My TiVo thinks I’m gay.” It seems some straight men, who recorded programs TiVo considered gay-themed, found that their devices were collecting all kinds of gay-oriented […] Read more »

Okay sometime PR folks get way ahead of themselves. Read through this list and I can promise you that you will never attend a MobileFocus event in your life: 10. Nokia and Palm have voodoo dolls, and they’re not afraid to use them! 9. Bam! MobileFocus […] Read more »

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Untapped Potential of Online Media: “The participants (who included the online directors of key publications such as Le Monde, The Guardian,… Read more »

When Free Begets Fee: An interesting point by Vin Crosbie about why free content is good to promote your “real” services: “This column is pr… Read more »

SPD, Qualcomm Play Mobile Games: Sony Pictures Digital and Qualcomm will bring movie-based games to mobile phones. All of these products wil… Read more »

Pressplay Adding Charts, Radio, More tracks: Pressplay announced a new version of its music subscription service that includes tailored acce… Read more »

Is AOL’s BYOA Price Too High?: AOL is about to start pushing its Bring Your Own Access broadband service, but some say the price is too high… Read more »

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Stories for Feb. 10, 2003 is peddling Anna K’s exclusive video footage, through RealOne SuperPass subscription service. This is not the SI calendar, but… Read more »

Can Yahoo Make the Bounce Last?: “Yahoo will soon roll out a “bring-your-own-broadband” service. Subscribers will pay a monthly fee to use a… Read more »

Dutch Company Scoin Tests New Payment System: The old is new again: Dutch company Scoin has started field-testing its new e-commerce payment… Read more »

AOL To Debut Ads for Music Service During Grammy: AOL will break two 30-second TV spots promoting its AOL Music on Broadband content Feb. 23… Read more »

Music Body Unveils Net Sales Tracker: IFPI and RIAA have launched electronic identity tags to keep tabs on Internet music sales, in a bid to… Read more »

Up Close and Personal: The momentum behind wireless content-especially branded and exclusive content-seems to be rapidly picking up steam, w… Read more »

Yahoo to Launch Paid Net Video Service: The first “real” competition to RealNetworks: Yahoo is close to unveiling details of a paid, subscri… Read more »

“Later this year, the Tribune Company may become the first major chain to dramatically expand its pay-for-content services. Read more »

Who Will Follow the Hedgehog?: Nokia’s newest mobile, NGage, is a cross between a GameBoy and a phone. Sega, which is providing four games,… Read more »

Hoover’s Holders Welcome New Offer, Say Co Still Worth More: Hoover’s shareholders said they welcomed Friday’s $8-a-share acquisition offer… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 9, 2003

WES Ogles U.S. Market For Playmates: The Playboy Playmates are coming to mobile phones in North America. That’s according to Wireless Enter… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 8, 2003

It has taken me almost six months since I started working on my first ever book, Broadbandits: Inside the $750 billion Heist, but it is finally done. I shipped back the edits last night to the publishers, John Wiley & Company. I am waiting for the […] Read more »

Stories for Feb. 7, 2003

Making Money with Streaming Media: A longish how-to article on using DRM systems to get revenues from your multi-media content. “What we do… Read more »

Will Peer-to-Peer Streaming Work for You?: “In one of the highest-volume P2P Internet radio deployments to date, Radio Free Virgin used Blue… Read more »

New Billing Systems Will Drive Future Success of Wireless Content: The deployment of new billing systems will be a key factor in driving the… Read more »

OPA Releases White Paper on Online Dayparts: The study echoed the OPA’s long contention that the Internet content sites are the best place t… Read more »

Hoover’s Gets New Buyout Bid of $8/Share: Corporate data provider Hoover’s said its board will consider a buyout offer from two private inve… Read more »

Cell Phones that Surf for News: Japan’s wireless-crazy populace could be the proving ground for news delivery via cell phones. “Reuters’ off… Read more »

Top 50 Online Publishers: Media magazine, part of the MediaPost group, has released its annual list of the top 50 online publishers for 2002… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 6, 2003

Will Windows Media 9 Catch On?: Should Media 9 become the dominant format, you can be sure that Microsoft will follow the same path that it… Read more »

A case study on Weatherbug, the hot and much-hyped subscription and ad-based downloadable weather app. “Each station agreed to place a downl… Read more »

Dating, Travel Drive USA Interactive: dating service was the fastest growing revenue generator and one of the profit drivers for U… Read more »

A patent claim with profound implications for the online content industry. A company called Acacia Media Technologies is claiming patents o… Read more »

AOL Tightens Integration of Time Warner Content: “Two years after America Online and Time Warner merged, the two sides finally are working t… Read more »

IGN Reports First Profitable Quarter: IGN Entertainment (fka (Nasdaq: IGNX), the online gaming network, is in black, according… Read more »

Fee vs. Free: The Casualties: Steve Outing notes the newsroom casualties in the sites going from ad-sponsored (free) to subscription-based.… Read more »

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