Stories for Nov. 27, 2002

Web Portals Play for Online Revenues: Yahoo, America Online and Microsoft are in a cyber shootout for gamers willing to pay to play on the I… Read more »

Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment plans to let soap opera fans tune into daytime dramas from the desktop, as part of an on-demand subscrip… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 25, 2002

America’s New Favorite Pastime: For better or for worse, weather is no longer the favorite pastime; it is’s survival. It’s Schaden… Read more »

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Times They’re A Changin’ in U.K.’s Newspaper Market (via An excellent overview of U.K.’s newpapers? efforts to on charging… Read more »

Trymedia Turning File-Sharing Into Money Maker: Trymedia Systems is launching a new service that will let users buy software and send it rig… Read more »

Time Inc’s Online Content Might Be Walled Off on AOL: Call it the “revenge of Pathfinder”. According to this story in WSJ, America Online an… Read more »

EDGAR Online Launches Desktop Legal Service: EDGAR Online (Nasdaq: EDGR) has launched “EDGARpro Legal”, a new desktop service for the legal… Read more »

Microsoft, BT Team on MSN, Broadband: Microsoft’s MSN 8 browser and BT’s broadband access, that’s the deal. MSN 8 is Microsoft’s subscriptio… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 24, 2002

Salon Plans to Sell Future Revenues To an Unnamed Bank: According to the recent SEC filings, Salon Media Groups may sell some of its future… Read more »

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Oversimulated Suburbia At Sims: David Brooks’ fascinating description of the surprising hit, the video/computer game Sims, and the cultural… Read more »

Online Dating’s New Love: IM: IM is catching on as the next step in online dating sites. “Yahoo, the online hub for personals advertisements… Read more »

Subscriber Sponsorship May Catch On: Well, I already did a story on this, but a decent overview of the trend. “”This is a bridge between fre… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 23, 2002

Neil Budde Leaves Neil Budde,’s publisher, is departing to pursue other opportunities. Budde hasn’t decided what he will do… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 22, 2002

Ring up the Tone: I don’t have an exact figure, but I can bet there are at least 25 ring tone companies in U.S. alone. And that considering… Read more »

eSubscriptions Takes the Literal Route: This site, still in beta, has taken the word “subscription” a bit too literally. It hopes offers a s… Read more »

iVillage’s Tactics to Profit (Someday): A case study on iVillage’s strategy to develop the woman-focused network as a community. Over the la… Read more »

NCSoft’s Lineage Enters China: NCSoft, the South Korea-based biggest developer of online games, has partnered with SINA to bring “Lineage” i… Read more »

NetRatings To Report on Market Share of Non-Browser Based Internet Apps: This kind of expansion of Internet metrics will be important, espec… Read more »

Will Pre-Paid Internet Cards Be a Precursor to Pre-Paid Site Access Cards?: The story doesn’t say so, but this will be happening in the near… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 21, 2002

American Greetings on Setting the Stage for Charging Subscribers (via TEoF: A story about why and how American Greeting started charging sub… Read more »

British publishing company Emap is to start charging FHM and Max Power readers: will charge visitors £1 per month for access to its… Read more »

PubScience Shut down Due to Pressure From Pay Sites: The U.S. Energy Department has shut down PubScience, an electronic service that cross-i… Read more » Delisted From Nasdaq, to Trade on OTC: If there is any company which needs to go private, it is Salon Media. The company has been… Read more »’s New Scheme More Than a Day’s Worth: An interesting point raised by Anne Holland on her blog: the free day of Premium Salon that… Read more »

Sony Music Buys Run tones: Record label Sony Music Entertainment has purchased a small New York wireless entertainment company as part of a… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 20, 2002

More Details On’s Free Day Pass: MediaPost does a story on “Ultramerical”, the ad format being used by Mercedes Benz on… Read more »

AOL Set To Unveil New Content Strategy: In a presentation to investors, AOL Time Warner hopes to present its new strategy for AOL: new conte… Read more »

Hybrid Subscription Schemes Will Evolve: An interesting story about the subscription scheme, where the author says that the FT has st… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 19, 2002

Collecting What Content Is Worth: Vin Crosbie on the need to meter your content the right way. “Most current microtransaction systems (Click… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 18, 2002

Streaming Vs. Downloads: This is the music industry’s version of the eternal debate: radio vs. record player; magazines vs. books; tv movie… Read more » to Charge for Its Online Version (via TeOF):, the progeny of one of the oldest personal computing magazine Byte (started i… Read more »

Credit Cards Start Charging New Fee From Adult Subscription Sites: does a fascinating story on how credit card companies are now… Read more »

Spanish Paper El Pais Puts Entire Content Behind Subscription Wall: This is perhaps the first and the biggest general-interest paper in Euro… Read more »

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