Stories for Nov. 12, 2002

Will Have Its Way Against Yahoo?: The ad-free, fee-free online portal, the newest and the strangest entrance in the sect… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 11, 2002 Goes the Retail Route to Sell Subscriptions: Here’s an idea: go offline. has signed up with direct reseller Zones to… Read more » Eyes EDGAR; Spurned by EDGAR Online, which has been struggling of late in face of competition from upstarts s… Read more »

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Service Plans to Sell Answers on Hoover’s: Find/SVP, a consulting and research firm, will offer an online answer research service to users o… Read more »

T-Mobile To Sell Sony Picture’ Content (subscription required): Wireless operator T-Mobile has agreed to buy and distribute content world-wi… Read more »

British Newspaper The Sun Launches SMS Dieting Service: This one has to take the prize for sheer innovation, and maybe U.S. newspapers could… Read more »

Movielink ready to roll: Movielink, a joint venture between 5 major movie studios, will launch on Monday after two years of development (mus… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 10, 2002’s Price Increase to Generate $5 Million in Additional Revenues in 2003: This according to the Q3 10-Q filed by’s parent comp… Read more »

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Stories for Nov. 9, 2002

Will You Accept Subscription Charge on Your Phone Bill?: This could be a common reality, if PaymentOne has its way. An interview wit… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 8, 2002

AtomShockwave Launches Paid Video Game Service: AtomShockwave has launched a new subscription video game service on its websit… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 7, 2002

Terra Lycos’ Paying Subscribers Now Contribute 11 Percent of Revenues: Even as the Spanish portal widened its quarterly loss and missed its… Read more »

Digital Versions of Magazines on Tablet PC: Digital versions of BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review, Technology Review and PC Magazine wil… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 6, 2002

ContentBiz Delays Plans to Launch a Subscription Site: This one comes as a personal disappointment to me–there is nobody more qualified to… Read more », not traditionally known for its sports coverage, has tied up with The sports site, which was set up by the Press A… Read more »

Online Game Economies Get Real: There’s more to the virtual reality in massive multiplayer online games than digital otherworlds that look r… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 5, 2002

Broadcasting & Cable Magazine Turns Into a Subscription Site (via TV industry trade magazine Broadcasting & Cable has turned… Read more »

Convenience and Organization Key for Content Sales: Vin Crosbie writes a provocative column about the role of convenience in access and paym… Read more »

Nokia Enters Wireless Gaming Market: Nokia plans to start selling a combination game console and cell phone in February next year, hoping to… Read more »

Is There Money in Pop-Up Free Versions: News sites should consider offering a pop- up free environment for those site visitors willing to pa… Read more »

Digital delivery technology firm NewsStand has closed an $8 million third round of venture financing from Adams Capital Management. This fun… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 4, 2002

British Music Service Signs Up With Universal: OD2, the British technology company co-founded by recording artist Peter Gabriel, has signed… Read more » examines the imminent launch of online movie delivery service Movielink, a joint venture among MGM, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictur… Read more »

Tablet PC to Make a Debut: The much-awaited Tablet PC will make a debut this week, backed by HP and six other hardware manufacturers. The st… Read more »

Online CD sales down 39%: ComScore research indicates that revenue from the online sale of CDs is down to 39% to $545 million from $730 mill… Read more »

The Potential for Net-Delivered Movies: article on both the legal and customer challenges facing online movie delivery services suc… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 2, 2002
Stories for Nov. 1, 2002’s 5 Tactics to Sell Subscriptions to Consumers: ContentBiz does a case study on how financial information provider sold subscri… Read more »

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