Stories for Jan. 25, 2003

New Service Sounds Like Phish: Phish, a new online paid music service, delivers soundboard-quality live Phish shows only days after the conc… Read more »

Pare Down That Salon Ship: Ken Layne has a valid argument on the bloat is still carrying (pun intended). “If I ran Salon, I’d cut… Read more »

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Should Weblogs Link to Paid Articles?: “So, what do you think should be the proper etiquette for weblogs linking to paid content?” Etiquette… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 24, 2003

Wireless Gaming: Finally No Fantasy: As handset hardware and networks improve, carriers see cell-phone fun as the Next Big Thing for firing… Read more »

Robert Marsh, Controller of Telephony Development at Channel 4 Television in the UK talks about the success of SMS TV, its benefits beyond r… Read more »

Verizon Wireless Customers Align With The Stars: Verizon Wireless customers in the U.S. will be able to access astrology predictions from T… Read more »

FactSet Buys out M&A Database Player: FactSet, the online investment research and information service, has bought out Mergerstat Holdings, a… Read more »

Virgin Mobile to Open up Third Party Premium SMS: Mobile content providers will soon be able to launch premium SMS services to Virgin Mobile… Read more »

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Hoover’s Dissidents Cite Earnings in Oppoesition to Deal: Dissident shareholders of Hoover’s are determined to derail the proposed takeover… Read more »

The Civil War Inside Sony: Sony Music wants to entertain you. Sony Electronics wants to equip you. The problem is that when it comes to digi… Read more »

Online, Wireless Gaming Gaining: Analysis from Jupiter Research reveals that online PC game subscriptions are expected to reach $600.7 milli… Read more »

RSS feeds offer info-junkies a way to take the pulse of hundreds of sites. A few weeks of dabbling may make some converts, but will it make… Read more »

Reuniting Friends Has Proved Its Worth: This according to Philip Smith, the editor of Revolution. “Certainly, Friends Reuniteds Read more »

The number of peer-to-peer, or P2P, webpages rose more than 300 percent to 89,000 in the last 12 months, according to Websense. In addition,… Read more »

Wal Mart Distributor Buys Some of Liquid Audio Assets: In a move that could make it easier for record companies to sell and promote songs on… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 23, 2003

Sony Rallies its Empire: The convergence, as seen by companies like Sony, LG and Matsushita: an interesating contrast form the convergence s… Read more »

Malaysian Telecom Players Eyes Mobile Content Market: Malaysian telecom company Digi Telecom is aiming to capture at least 20% share of the… Read more »

More on’s New Premium Plan: This is Salon’s new “new deal”: Starting today, you can gain access to Salon in either of two ways: Yo… Read more »

I have serious doubts, though the story says otherwise. Something which the story does not cover: Gizmodo will kick Dig-It’s ass any day. Fo… Read more » Says It Will Turn Profit Every Quarter of 2003: German Internet portal company has turned a profit in the Q4 ’02. The news of… Read more »

More Publishers Try All-Paid Web Model: While no U.S. newspaper is yet making a fortune by charging for access to its website, more publishe… Read more »

P*r-n Strategy: Share and Snare: The p*r-n industry is learning a lesson the music industry refuses to hear: Piracy doesn’t have to be a dir… Read more »

Sputtering Growth Sparks Changes at MSN: Microsoft is rethinking its strategy for its new MSN 8 Internet service, amid signs of stagnant gro… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 22, 2003

With nothing exciting to show for quite a while, this “hot” new compilation from Outcaste may just be their saving grace. Keeping in mind that this compilation doesn’t solve the basic need for some originality from this label, it does manage to pack a decent-almost-solid (if […] Read more »

Liverpool FC links with BT Openworld for Trial Subscription Offer: Liverpool FC supporters will receive three month’s worth of free e-Season… Read more »

Microsoft and Music Choice Team Up to Offer Subscription Music Services in Europe: Music Choice Europe, a digital music broadcaster, has tie… Read more »

Dan Gillmor: Internet Content in Peril in Non-Competitive World: A very valid point raised by Dan Gillmor: ” Walt Disney Co. signed a little… Read more »

Mobile P*r-n ‘Could Generate £2.5bn': A more elaborate story on the statement by the CEO of Private Media Group, reported yesterday. He rec… Read more »

Exploring… Content Strategies: A white paper series on content and
content-related issues, in the eContent magazine. Six articles by indus… Read more »

Yahoo Japan Says Q3 Profits Doubled: Yahoo Japan, the country’s most popular Web portal, said Wednesday that its third quarter profit more t… Read more »

The Music Business and the Big Flip: Clay Shirky on why the music industry operates in reverse to the publishing/online publishign industry… Read more »

The Storm Over Ynet: An interesting story about a consumer backlash against Ynet, the leading Israeli content site, and the social and polit… Read more »

An interesting twist on online subscription, a point I have noted before in my brief about Weatherbug: it is offering the options of paying… Read more »

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