Stories for Feb. 3, 2003 will become effective February 6, 2003, but will remain part of the CNN online network ( & Read more »

News Technologies Launches E-mail News Alert Subscription Service; Claims Patents (Pending): Not necessarily a very innovative service, but… Read more »

Red Herring :: .Six years after pioneering the concept of personal video recording–a way to record television shows on a hard drive, skip commercials, and even pause live TV–the industry’s founding fathers are facing a unique problem: ubiquity. We’re not talking about the good kind of […] Read more »

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Lycos Targets Subscription Services (5 minute steaming video interview–registration required): Mark Stoever, executive VP of Terra Lycos US… Read more »

Web Profits Are Talk of NAA Meeting: “[O]nline news might develop into a model similar to cable television, where users pay for premium cont… Read more »

Sirius Tries to Sell Pay Radio: “Are there millions of consumers willing to pay a monthly fee of $10 or more for such a service in a nation… Read more »

Fine Print in Electronic Arts’ Results: “To even suggest the Sims Online could fail is a far cry from the way it has been heralded Read more »

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Stories for Feb. 1, 2003

ET Online Launches Its Desktop Push Client: As reported by Hollywood reporter earlier in December (and woke up now), Entertainment… Read more »

Paid Content Market Soars (5-minute streaming video interview): Precisely the reason why I started this website: these vanilla stories on pa… Read more »

CNet’s Creative Touch-Up Doesn’t Equal Growth: As I have said before, CNet won’t survive this year in its present form. Company’s ad revenue… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 31, 2003

Sun Online Launches Paid-For Archive (UK) (via AOP):
The Sun Online has launched a paid-for searchable archive, allowing users to
access a… Read more »

Net Gambling Bill Fans E-cash Fears: “After seven years of trying, lawmakers are widely expected to crack down on illegal Internet gambling… Read more »

O2 Unveils Protection Plan for Mobile Adult Content: O2 has launched a formal consumer protection scheme for the introduction of mobile adul… Read more »

What Keeps Execs Awake at Night?: Answers: paid content, of course, among others! A short report from Newspaper Association of… Read more »

EUniverse Reports Profits of $3.3 Million; Paying Customers Increase by 28 Percent: The online entertainment network eUniverse has reported… Read more »

Net Radio Has No Immediate Future: An excellent editorial on why Internet Radio is not attracting any venture capital, and how laws like the… Read more »

Fun And Games (and Revenues) For Mobile Carriers: An overview of the wireless gaming opportunities for mobile carriers and content developer… Read more »

AOL-Microsoft? Not Likely, Just Logical: A speculative story on whether MSFT can buy America Online from AOL TW. “Scan the landscape of pote… Read more »

CNET Breaks Into Profitability: CNet Networks net income stood at $3.48 million for Q4, compared to a loss of $81 million in the year-ago pe… Read more »

Web Publishers See Signs Of Profitability, Stability: A round-up of how publishers such as, Washington Post, New York Times… Read more »

Blogging Network Moving Along Slowly But Steadily: Blogging Network, an online network of subscription weblogs, is chugging along, as revenu… Read more »

The New York Times :: Ironic as it may sound, the closing of Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, a San Francisco Law firm and a Bay Area institution for over 77 years, is the first bit of good news for the technomy. I personally believe that the […] Read more »

Stories for Jan. 30, 2003

T-Online to Launch TV-Based Internet at End-2003: T-Online International AG will start to bring video and e-mail to German TV sets, through… Read more »

The online sports content specialist lost $8.3 million, compared to a loss of $13.8 million the year-ago period. EBITDA came in at $2.2 mill… Read more »

Audio and Video Material the ‘Carrot’ for Home Networking: Audio and video material is likely to be what draws the average consumer into hom… Read more »

SmarterChild Comes Back to Life: SmarterChild, a once-popular but now extinct “buddy” on AOL’s Instant Messenger that freely answered questi… Read more »

‘Sims Online’ Off to Slow Start: Initial sales of “The Sims Online” have been less than expected, executives from publisher Electronic Arts… Read more »

This according to Jimmy Guterman, writing about the online consortium formed by six music retailer last week to sell music digitally. “Just… Read more »

CinemaNow Signs Deal to Expand into Japan: Online movie and video-on-demand service CinemaNow has signed a deal to expand into Japan through… Read more »

Gambling is Most Lucrative Vice Online: Of the $2.9 billion US consumers spent on vice content in 2002, $2.5 billion went to gambling websit… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 29, 2003 Bought Out By Video Without Boundaries:, a news and resource website on iTV, VoD, DTV and convergence market… Read more »

Vodafone to Offer MSN Services: Vodafone Group plans to launch a service allowing its U.K. subscribers to tap into their Microsoft MSN e-mai… Read more »

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