Stories for Mar. 12, 2003

Mazingo to Stream AP Video on Wireless Service: Mazingo Mobile Entertainment Network, a subscription based wireless/PDA channel, will offer… Read more »

Swiss Paper Allows Content Payment Through Mobiles: Swiss newspaper Le Temps is to allow its online readers to pay for archived articles usi… Read more »

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Video Streams Grow 53 Percent in 2002: According to new research by AccuStream iMedia Research, total streams served increased by 52.3 perce… Read more »

Plans to hard-wire copy protection into popular digital music and video devices (into the chips themselves) are being shelved as the consume… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 11, 2003

mmO2 To Start Music-Over-Mobile Pilot: British mobile operator mmO2 announced that it is to trial the world’s first ‘music over mobile’ serv… Read more »

MLB To Show Games Online, But Blacking Out Local Areas: Major League Baseball plans to Webcast nearly 1,000 games this season — but it will… Read more »

Traffic Tools Track Web’s Prime Time: Web researchers and competitors Nielsen/NetRatings and ComScore Media Metrix are starting to measure I… Read more »

Alive and Well: Now-defunct dotcoms tried a lot of dumb things. But that doesn’t mean the fundamental ideas they believed in are dumb. That,… Read more »

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Stories for Mar. 10, 2003

TerraTec Buys BeSonic Music Service: TerraTec Electronic, the German based sound-card developer, has taken over the internet music service B… Read more »

Dow Jones Introduces Biggest Change in 120 Years: Dow Jones Newswires has made what it describes the biggest change in its 120 years of exis… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 9, 2003
Stories for Mar. 8, 2003

RealNetworks Ups Baseball Webcast Fee: RealNetworks will charge up to one-third more for people to listen to Internet broadcasts of Major Le… Read more »

NCSoft Sees Growth in S.Korea Online Gaming: In a keynote address at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, Tack Jin Kim, chief executi… Read more »

The backscratching scandal is rocking Silicon Valley again! Big Deal! Even though many have used interesting puns to describe the scandal, I am not sure anything will ever change. Still it makes interesting reading. Financial Times in an article yesterday wrote, ” The hottest list in […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 7, 2003

This is what Alex Daley, head of AOP e-mailed me about the launch of OPA Europe: “AOP is fully
supportive of a European association that ha… Read more »

BT online music service fails whistle test: Trust The Register to always have the last word: BT’s Dotmusic on Demand (DoD) digital music sub… Read more »

Learnings From The Serious Business of Online Gaming: The gaming industry has done several things right: developing a loyal customer base, f… Read more »

Study: Sponsorship Pays Off: “Content sites have dabbled with the sponsorship model. Women-focused site iVillage has touted its sponsorship… Read more »

That’s the rather pessimistic view of New Media Age, on the launch of OPA Europe. “But what makes this particularly absurd is the fact the w… Read more »

BT Group Turns to Music Downloads to Grow Broadband : BT Group announced the commercial launch of a subscription-based music download servic… Read more » and CBS announced they’ve amended their investment agreement, deferring certain payments in stock from the sports-news servic… Read more »

Dutch Firm Opens New Front in Music File-Swapping: Dutch Internet company PGR BV, a privately held company that has its own new file-sharin… Read more »

Microsoft, Sony Set for European Online Gaming War: Sony and Microsoft will open a new front in their computer games battles in Europe later… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 6, 2003

Sony’s CEO Unplugged: Whatever Perkins says, take it with a fistful of salt: this is NOT a rare interview, as the story declares: in fact, S… Read more »

GSA, DoD Join Liberty Alliance: The web single sign-on battle heats up: the open-system biased Liberty Alliance gained two major federal pla… Read more »

NHL Goes Wireless With PocketBoxOffice: Wireless entertainment network provider Airborne Entertainment, which operates PocketBoxOffice, the… Read more »

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