Stories for Dec. 23, 2002 – The Spitzer-Weill Stock Trade :: Okay so here we are – a huge $1.4 billion dollar settlement and all the hoopla around it. It is one more incident when Spitzer decided to let the Wall Street off the hook. Okay so Citigroup was made […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 22, 2002

Red Herring:: Did you expect perfect handwriting recognition from the new Tablet PC laptops? Fuggetaboutit. But that doesn’t mean there’s no value in the Windows XP Tablet PC operating system from Microsoft (released in early November)–just make sure the machine running it doesn’t rely solely on […] Read more »

Wired Online:: Raw muscle power might achieve what the Indian government so far hasn’t been able to: spreading the telecom revolution to the 700 million rural people of the country. This month, 5,000 young men on bicycles carrying mobile phones equipped with CDMA Wireless Local Loop […] Read more »

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Stories for Dec. 21, 2002

IBM Teams with News Providers to Offer Content on Portals: This is a very interesting deal, and represents a lucrative area for content comp… Read more »

End of Year Deals (last item): Seems like the M&A pace has picked up in the enterprise information content market as the year closes, accord… Read more »

Market for Paid Online Content in the U.S. Grows to $361 million in Q3 2002, According to OPA: Perhaps the worst time to release an industry… Read more »

Outlook 2003: Issues In The Information Marketplace (): A very interesting overview of the issues in the enterprise content market during th… Read more »

It has been quite obvious that the British companies need a serious makeover. And last week they got what is the corporate equivalent of the hit BBC show, Changing Rooms. (Okay the Learning Channel did copy this one). First Arun Sarin, a less known telecom executive […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 20, 2002

Top 100 Content Companies: EContent magazine releases its list of the top 100 digital content companies (mainly in enterprise content), and… Read more »

Sybase Plans to Acquire AvantGo: AvantGo, the wireless communications company, has been bought out by Sybase for $38 million. AvantGo’s soft… Read more »

loading external resource ::WorldCom Inc.’s former finance chief, Scott Sullivan, has given federal prosecutors a broad outline of discussions he had with Bernard Ebbers, the company’s former chief executive, about the company’s fraudulent accounting practices, according to people familiar with the matter. But people who have been briefed […] Read more »

NewsStand: Enhancing the Way Publishers Publish and Readers Read: A profile of NewsStand, the company that develops technologies that allow… Read more »

Pressplay Keeps Music Spinning: An interview with Pressplay CEO Michael Bebel, where he discusses the subscription music venture’s achieveme… Read more »

Profits At Last: If The Economist writes about it, there must be something in it. The usual stuff about how online content firms are moving… Read more »

SMS Finally Picking Up in the U.S.: Nearly half of young adult cell phone users in the United States are using the SMS feature on their cell… Read more »

Former Terra Lycos President Appointed Head of Online Gaming Firm: Former Fidelity Investments and Terra Lycos executive Stephen Killeen has… Read more »

How Kept Ad Sales Strong in 2002: ContentBiz does a case study on how ad sales kept up during 2002. “In the past, advertising… Read more »

iVillage To Be Moved to Nasdaq Small Cap: iVillage’s common stock listing is scheduled to transfer from Nasdaq National Market to the Nasdaq… Read more »

Shazam’s Songmail Service on Your Cell: Shazam, the company that came up with the software to allow users to identify a song they hear on th… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 19, 2002 Silver Lake’s big booty :: Combined with an additional $56.5 million of consulting fees, the buyout group has recouped its entire investment plus a two-year cash return of 26%, and still owns 80% of Seagate worth $4 billion. Silver Lake Partners owns about one-third of […] Read more »

With all the hype around Google these days – Newsweek, Wired and The New York Times have all written about the uber search engine – I thought it was time for me to dig into the archives and update you folks on Google’s name. This is […] Read more »

Intersil pre-announced today ? making public one of the little reported trends. Intersil revised its Q4 revenue growth expectation from up 1%-2% quarter-over-quarter to down 5%-7% quarter-over-quarter growth. The weakness was caused primarily by an overbuild of older- generation PRISM 2.5 WLAN chips in Q3, and […] Read more » Survey Finds USers Will Pay for Wireless Content: A survey of more than 550 users found that business professionals ar… Read more »

Lower the Price of Web Archives: Following yesterday’s news that Yahoo has a new deal with the Associated Press–to offer individual archive… Read more »

AOL Needs Stonger Central Management to Drive Subscription Strategy: That’s the opinion of Ken Auletta, the media columnist for the New York… Read more »

USA Interactive Acquires uDate: USA Interactive, which already own the biggest online dating site, has acquired the British compan… Read more »

Hoover’s Sets Record Date For Shareholder Vote On D&B Buy: Hoover’s set Thursday as the record date for its shareholder meeting to vote on i… Read more »

Revenues from the Adult Content Industry: eMarketer estimates the revenues from the adult content industry, and reports on the challenges in… Read more »

Strategy Analytics thinks that the “debt Loads to force Consolidation with T-Mobile US top of List T-Mobile’s new management will find the pressure to divest non-core assets irresistible. T-Mobile & Cingular will merge to provide Cingular with coverage and spectrum relief and a realistic basis for […] Read more »

P2P datacenter management Is P2P the answer to increasingly complex combinations of devices in hosting facilities? It was not too long ago that a 19-year-old frat guy named Shawn Fanning, decided he wanted to share his music collection with his friends. Working for weeks at a […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 18, 2002

2003 Predictions For Online News Biz: Steve Outing gives his predictions for the next year for the online media sector. On subscription cont… Read more »

Yahoo Sets Up Premium News Archive Service With AP: The search engine on Yahoo News’ site will be able to search the AP Archives going back… Read more »

Terra Lycos Seen Retreating From US: “As Terra Lycos watches its revenue shrink, analysts believe it may be time for the Spanish-based Inter… Read more »

Sprint to Offer Music Information Service: This is very interesting: Sprint is launching a mobile music information service along, through i… Read more »

RED HERRING :: Baby Bells, the one bright spot in the telecom sector, will be hit hard with declining or flatlining sales in 2003. They’re under pressure from numerous threats, including cable operators, which are doing well selling high-speed Internet access in the lucrative consumer and […] Read more »

Stories for Dec. 17, 2002
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