Stories for Mar. 19, 2003

(via IWantMedia): Mossberg finally discovers Audible downloadable audio service, and test drives it. He does like it: “Overall, Audible prov… Read more »

That is what is reporting even though I disagree – for if you are India fan, then you know that your blood pressure is rising all the time. Rediff writes: “Barring the India-Pakistan duel on March 1, which was a reasonably close affair because the […] Read more »

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For the longest time I wondered how the nominations for best foreign films are included in the Oscar nominations. Well BBC, today has this fantastic article which rips the mask off the whole Oscar process. I am shocked to read that City of God, by far […] Read more »

BBC’s Jonathan Agnew is right when the morons who are also known as Indian cricket fans create too much pressure for the team. And if that is not enough, stupid commentators add to the pressure. Read more »

Waqar Younis has been fired as Pakistan captain. No biggie, but what comes as a surprise is nomination of Rahid Latif as the new captain. Ouch. [BBC] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 18, 2003

(see second story): A network of Internet radio broadcasters as announced the formation of the Internet Radio Marketing Group, a network foc… Read more »

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SoundView Technology Group lowered its earnings and revenue estimates for Yahoo, citing seasonal pressures and what it said was declining re… Read more »

Not a very new idea: branded ISP have not gained much ground over the last five years or so. Celebrity branded ISPs such as the one launched… Read more »

Online media company eUniverse announced that Microsoft property MSN had signed up its unit to add play-for-cash games to MSN’s… Read more »

The Sydney Morning Herald :: Wicketkeeper Kumar Sangakkara accepted the catch, bowler Aravinda de Silva appealed, umpire Rudi Koertzen ruled “not out”. And batsman Adam Gilchrist walked. In a display of honesty rarely seen on international cricket fields – much less during World Cup semi-finals – […] Read more »

The UK retail giant Tesco has bought out iVillage’s stake in the UK subsidiary The UK site for the woman-focused portal open… Read more »

FHM:: The enticement of Heather Graham starring as a porn star alongside the lovely Marisa Tomei should ensure man-arses pack seats at cineplexÌüs each time this gentle comedy is played. And the assembled man-folk wonÌüt be disappointed either. An East-meets-West flick, Jimi Mistry plays an Indian […] Read more » may turn a profit this year as more high-speed Internet users agree to pay for video content, according to Bernard Gershon, GM o… Read more »

American corporations with close ties to the White House are poised to cash in on Saddam’s defeat. French companies need not apply. [Salon] Read more »

e-consultancy, a UK-based online network and information site for “e-business professionals” (only in UK do they still use the prefix “e” an… Read more »

In the ongoing saga of corruption in cricket, the Sunday Telegraph recently revealed that Hansie Cronje, the late South African captain, had a whopping 70+ overseas bank accounts, most of them based in the Cayman Islands. All of the accounts were illegal as none of them […] Read more »

Big Mike writes “c|net just published their review of the Sony Ericsson P800. They deem it the ‘Maserati of smart phones’. Built- in camera, speakerphone, 16MB … My two cents – this is actually quite a piece of shit – it does not do anything well […] Read more »

Outlook India :: The cricket widow is dead, the game’s now a family soap and a gals’ night out. Thanks to the giddy media buzz around the (World) Cup and India’s heady performance, women of all ages are discovering the joys of cricket. And once hooked, […] Read more »

Reuters via :: Huawei Technologies, being sued by Cisco Systems for allegedly unlawfully copying its software, used software mirroring Cisco’s right down to the “bugs,” a former Huawei employee said in court documents filed Monday. However, in a response filed late Monday, Huawei denied it […] Read more »

America Online and Danger, the maker of hiptop are getting cozy, reports. No surprise given that most HipTop users try and use their little device for IMing their pals than actually making calls. Perhaps, AOL should try and work with some other VoIP company to […] Read more »

OK, here’s one for laughs, though make no mistake, Internet filtering at workplace is a serious issue for broadband news service. 8e6 Techno… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 17, 2003

Broadband Daily:: It is official – Earthlink is launching Earthlink Unlimied Voice and target its million odd broadband subscribers. The service is powered by Vonage, the broadband phone service. With this move, EarthLink becomes the first ISP to offer a viable competitive residential phone service. EarthLink […] Read more »

From Venture Wire: With its Centrino platform for mobile devices set to launch on Wednesday, Intel Capital has completed two new deals, investing $3 million in Vivato, a San Francisco-based 802.11 switch manufacturer, and an undisclosed amount in, a Bellevue, Wash.-based provider of clearinghouse and […] Read more »

ransdimension, a company that adds USB functionality to portable and non-PC devices such as personal digital assistants and Mp3 players is proving to be quite a draw for venture capitalists. The Irvine, California company recently received $6 million in Series C funding and can receive an […] Read more »

Infiniband, despite all its promise has failed to live up to the hype. It has the support of some key backers like Dell Computer and Sun Microsystems but it is slow going for the new technology which in my opinion stands to revolutionize the datacenter and […] Read more »

That is the view of Professor Peter Bruck, from Austrian Research Centers in Salzburg. He believes the crisis is on three levels: the limit… Read more »

IGN Entertainment has launched a new editorial section on wireless gaming, with reviews of games and hardware tools. Also, stories on Mobile… Read more »

Chart hits and new releases could soon be available to buy and download via a handset. The UK mobile phone company MM02 is developing a new… Read more »

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