Stories for Jan. 10, 2003

Consumer Reports Reports on Online Content:, one of the oldest and most successful paid content sites, surpassed 1 milli… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 9, 2003

From SEC Press Release:: In a separate case, the Commission filed a civil action against Paul Johnson, 42, a former managing director and senior research analyst at Robertson Stephens for issuing fraudulent research reports. The Commission alleges that Johnson issued research reports and made public statements […] Read more »

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Barry Diller’s New Role: Cupid: While the industry press has treated Barry Diller the way Us Weekly treats Justin Timberlake, the real news… Read more »

Old British Newsreels Find New Life Online: British Pathe, whose news reports helped form the worldview of British moviegoers for decades, h… Read more »

Hoover’s Sees More Revenues As An Independent Company: This fight is getting interesting: Hoover’s thinks it can earn more revenues by stayi… Read more »

A Digital Subscription Watch, From Microsoft: This beats everything, really. Microsoft has introduced designs for a new class of watch that… Read more »

Salon Launches Branded Credit Card: Salon has launched a branded Visa credit card. The peg: “Keep independent journalism thriving and save 5… Read more »

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Content As the New Frontier–an EU Report (Big PDF File): A report on the fusion between content and technology market, by ACTeN, an EU-fund… Read more »

MSN links with Paul Allen’s Charter: Microsoft’s MSN online content service expanded its relationship with Paul Allen’s cable Internet servi… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 8, 2003

Sprint, Warner Offer Music Service on Cell Phones: Sprint and Warner Music Group on Wednesday announced a deal to offer a streaming music cl… Read more »

BT Plans Launch of Paid-for Learning Centre (UK): BT has revealed plans to launch its first paid-for education content service called BT Lea… Read more »

Digital Piracy: The Show Must Go On: Peer-to-peer file-sharing is not going away. The story looks at some of the strategies, legislation and… Read more »

New Year Resolutions: Fix Archives, Figure out Alternative to Simple Paid Subscritions, and Hire Bloggers!: This, in essence, is Steve Outin… Read more »

Online Game Hopes to Convert Virtual Cash Into Real Revenue: An analysis by WSJ of whether people will pay to play role-playing games like “… Read more »

Dubai’s Portal Offers Content From Dow Jones Newswires: A portal in Dubai,, has been offering versions of local news sources in UA… Read more »

Cantos To Provide Content To Dow Jones And BT Group: Cantos, the online video communications service for corporates, has entered into agreem… Read more »

In a Digital World, Encyclopedias Strive for Relevance: “Britannica spent a lot of money trying strategies such as offering its content free… Read more »

Something Phishy This Way Comes: Leave it to a reunited neohippie rock and roll band to show major labels how to sell music via the Net. “Fi… Read more »

About three months ago, I had predicted a sharp turnaround in fortunes of Motorola, which in my opinion is on a comeback trail. In my Random Access column in Red Herring, I wrote: “Many dealers also told us that Motorola is making a comeback with trendy […] Read more »

Live! and Kickin’, or Is It?: Vodafone Group is pretty pleased with itself, having spent millions of euros on marketing its Live! service in… Read more »

Microsoft Says Sales Strong for Xbox Online System: Microsoft said that demand for the online add-on to its game console system remained str… Read more »

RealNetworks To Offer Super Bowl as a Subscription Package: RealNetworks has teamed with the National Football League (NFL) as the official… Read more »

Canadian Perspective on Online Paid Content: Lame as ever, but quotes Michael Zimbalist, executive director of the NeOnline Publishers Assoc… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 7, 2003

The New York Times :: It is too soon to describe the Bose family as an audio-world version of the Bush and Kennedy clans in politics, but they are off to a good start. In 1964, Amar Bose, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and inventor, […] Read more »

Buy Your Wireless News Package, When you Buy Your Wireless Phone: That, in essence, is the deal announced by SmartServ, a wireless content s… Read more »

Paid Content: Still Struggling for Web-Wide Acceptance: This Newspaper Association of America (NAA) study reports on the paid content effort… Read more »

BTClick&Buy to Enable Online Content Billing Through Phones Form March (GIF File): This according to a story in New Media Age magazine. The… Read more »

AP Digital Moves to License Software: The Associated Press is moving into the Web content syndication business as part of an extended licens… Read more »

Press O for Orgasm–Audio Erotica Goes Wireless: This one is interesting (perhaps I should start an “adult paid content” category, though tr… Read more »

MCM acquires Content Mediator of Norway: Media Content Market Sweden AB (MCM) has acquired a 90 per cent stake in Content Mediator AS, of Be… Read more »

Web Publishers Describe the Year’s Top Achievements: A good round-up of acheivements of (mainly) newspaper web publishers, including The Adv… Read more »

Better Content Starts Today: A good story on how to develop stellar content: “Don’t succumb to doom and gloom. Create content that sizzles a… Read more »

Programming for Dayparts: A trend which has profound implications on how users consume and buy content: Daytime is emerging as primetime onl… Read more »

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