Stories for Apr. 1, 2003

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Met with Bob Frankston yesterday for the first time. The co-creator of VisiCalc is hot on the Voice over IP networks and I am going to be chatting with him about what gets him excited about this new trend. It should be fun to say the […] Read more »

A few months ago, when I wrote that TiVO and SonicBlue were on slippery slope and this is the email I got from one of the readers: “Your figures on SonicBlue.. financial.. are wildly off the mark… Why not call them for correct figures before writing […] Read more »

Got in little late this morning. It is cold and gloomy and it is supposed to rain. Very unlike Silicon Valley but it is nice to be back in the cradle of invention. Just met up with Doc Searls and we have been discussing the new […] Read more »

A talk with Neil Budde on what prompted his decision to leave, his thoughts on the challenges currently faced by the industry and th… Read more »

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BT Broadcast Services in UK is on the verge of announcing a raft of broadcasters that have adopted its solution for taking their programming… Read more »

Aiming to close a long-standing gap in digital rights management for MPEG-4, the streaming media consortium, Internet Streaming Media Allian… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 31, 2003

CBS network has rejected a TV ad from Gateway on grounds that it took a stand in the lingering controversy over digital copyrights. Gateway’… Read more »

“Streaming video is coming of age as numerous Internet news and entertainment outlets tout new programming and combined subscription service… Read more »

Movielink, the online movie subscription service, has signed a deal with Hypnotic and several foreign film distributors. Hypnotic will provi… Read more »

The first of a five-part series adapted from a speech by Kurt Hanson called “The Future of Radio.” In today’s installment, Kurt shows how Ro… Read more »

Edgar Online, which packages and distributes of corporate information contained in U.S. regulatory filings, will cut 17 percent of its workf… Read more »

Anne Holland on subscription figures and general trends. She categorizes online media sites in four tiers according to size. Read more »

The future of UK soccer games on the internet looks bleak after another round of job cuts at the league’s website provider. Read more »

Some tips on things to consider while buying or selling your e-mail newsletter, with factors that can increase or decrease the valuation. Read more »

Stories for Mar. 29, 2003

A story on why has done so well online and its success in getting a substantial amount of online ad revenues. “NYT Digital has d… Read more »

T-Mobile says full-motion video and sound will be available on the new Nokia 3650 wireless phone with the company’s service. The announcemen… Read more »

I will be attending the Spring VON next week in San Jose, California and would be conducting some panels at the conference which has been put together by Jeff Pulver and his team. It should be an interesting event and I would occassionally blog from the […] Read more »

From :: “Andy Caddick, 34, has announced his retirement from one-day international cricket, although he will continue to be available for Tests. “This is a decision that I have been considering for a while, Ìüô he admitted. “After talking to Duncan Fletcher earlier this week, […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 28, 2003

Another back-from-the-brink funding for it has received $800,000, bringing the entire investment in Salon since July, 2002 to $2,… Read more »

Gateway is launching a high-profile ad campaign designed to advertise its digital-music services and educate consumers about what “rights an… Read more »

A report on the speech by online movie subscription service Movielink’s CEO Jim Ramo at the Digital Media Summit. “Film studios have an adva… Read more »

A review of a new book which shows media sites how to leverage the mother of all search engines. “Last year’s launch of the Google API provi… Read more »

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