Stories for Apr. 9, 2003
Stories for Apr. 8, 2003

(via Corante on Blogging): “I fear that this could be like some of those first struggles on the Net. When the first Netizens were among fri… Read more »

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(free registration): Walt Disney Chairman Michael Eisner said Monday at NAB that his company would not let the threat of piracy keep it from… Read more »

Ten percent of the music sold in the world last year was ringtones: $3 billion. That figure from Jay Alan Samit, president, EMI Record Music… Read more »

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Bands can’t prevent bootlegging, but they can control it more than they have so far. “Beta versions of software become irrelevant when final… Read more »

Jewish Chronicle, the UK-based Jewish newspaper, is going subscription from later this month. “This facility – offering daily, monthly or ye… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 7, 2003

ActiveBuddy is relaunching the SmarterChild instant messaging bot on three of the four major IM platforms, and will now carry a $9.99 per ye… Read more »

Digital media technologies allow us to witness government initiatives in action and create an instant record of their failures or successes. Read more »

Terra Lycos unveiled a new version of its investor site, adding real-time market data and online trading tools. The enhanced featu… Read more »

Zinio Systems, the digital reader (PDF-based) technology provider, has launched industry’s first Mac-compatible reader. As part of the laun… Read more »

Scientific American has a very positive review of Tablet PCs and the writer feels that finally he might be able to give up his dependence on the dreaded legal pads. Score one for Bill. Read more »

Watch the live webcast of NAB2003 conference starting today (Monday, 9 AM PST at Las Vegas): I am not too sure if the whole sessions, includ… Read more »

IBM is to unveil its digital media technology called xCP (eXtensible Content Protection), a digital rights protection architecture that the… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 4, 2003

InfoSpace, which is restructuring itself into a wireless and software company, will shed 115 jobs as part of a corporate restructuring. On W… Read more »

Mobile content deals are happening fast and furious. SmartServ, a wirless content technology company, has tied up with an undisclosed handse… Read more »

Sony is developing a plasma screen television set that’s intended to tune in streaming video from home networks and the Internet as easily a… Read more »

I have been in San Francisco for past week or so and have recently signed up for the T-Mobile Wi-Fi service. Quite nice and comfortable, even though having too much coffee is not doing my system any good. Nevertheless, it seems Wi-Fi is getting to be […] Read more »

I am moving back to San Francisco in three weeks – I have a nice apartment to sublet in New York and I am looking for a studio/one bed room in San Francisco. Send me comments, tips and suggestions. Read more »

Online game publisher WildTangent has announced new agreements with FOXSports, FX Networks and Pepsi International to deliver online games t… Read more »

Nando Times, one of the pioneering news websites, will cease to exist within about 90 days, said Christian A. Hendricks, VP of Interactive M… Read more »

MSN is Europe’s biggest portal, and it is widening its lead, according to this story. Advertising on MSN’s 17 sites across these regions has… Read more »

Yahoo Japan has inked a deal with Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, that will allow it to distribute music o… Read more »

The Digital Media Association and the Recording Industry Association of America agreed to a proposal for royalty fees that Internet radio se… Read more »

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