Stories for Mar. 27, 2003

The Food Network plans to retool its website, redesigning portions of and gradually adding elements that take advantage of b… Read more »

FullAudio launched a revamped version of its music subscription service Wednesday and said it finally had rights to distribute music from al… Read more »

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Of all the dumb things to say, politicians find something dumber. This morning’s Wall Street Journal reports that Rep. Darrell Issa wrote to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and plugged CDMA. Good idea, perhaps, but for the wrong reasons. “We have learned that planners at the Department […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 26, 2003

In a significant move for music, Madonna is selling her new antiwar single, “American Life” on her Website, charging $1.49 for the download… Read more »

Wireless technology provider Moviso has teamed with to deliver electronic greetings and graphics to mobile devices thr… Read more »

AOL has moved into some sort of competition with telecom companies. It unveiled its latest paid service, which lets subscribers listen to v… Read more »

The discussions at the Jupiter Online Media Conference here Tuesday echoed with a growing sentiment that the money lies in providing service… Read more »

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Synacor, the web content distribution firm which is targeting second tier ISPs with an alternative multi-media subscription service, has sec… Read more »

It’s not the easiest time to be selling music the old-fashioned way. An interview with Pamela Horovitz, president of the National Associatio… Read more »

This according to Tim Sanders, the chief solutions officer at Yahoo, speaking at the Jupiter Online Media Conference. He said that portal to… Read more »

Australians could be paying for MP3 files over the telephone following the announcement of plans by peer-to-peer provider Altnet to use cont… Read more » may take a hit due to lower ratings for the NCAA. But it is still a dot-com survivor. But the company is not the wisest inves… Read more »

America Online is expected to announce that it will replace RealNetworks with Dolby as the default audio streaming technology for its narrow… Read more »

The Register :: So what if EMC Corp lost $120 million last year! It should not be a reason for not rewarding hardworking executives like Joe Tucci. “Diamond Joe was awarded a US$675,000 bonus on top of his million dollar salary, according to a Friday SEC […] Read more »

The Observer :: Libido-boosting drinks will flood into bars this summer as young clubbers are targeted with a potent new range of products that have been dubbed ‘Viagra pops’. Powerful blends of Chinese aphrodisiacs, vodka and passion fruit will create a ‘generation of randy super beings’, […] Read more »

From The New York Times:: “Turkey, which denied American access to its bases to open a northern front against Iraq, would receive $1 billion in economic aid under Mr. Bush’s plan, allowing it to get up to $8.5 billion loans or loan guarantees. Israel would also […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 25, 2003

Cable operators, already monitoring DSL’s approach, will soon see another competitor pop into their rearview mirrors when power utilities, hungry for new ways to recoup revenues being sapped by deregulation, turn their attention to high-speed data delivery — and, maybe, to full-service voice and video entertainment […] Read more »

From Broadband Daily :; EarthLink began promoting this week a new dial-up service, called EarthLink Plus, that the company contends speeds web page loading by a factor of five over plain old dial-up. Priced at $28.95 per month, a $7 premium over the standard $21.95 rate, […] Read more »

This according to Jacob Weisberg, the editor of Slate, who was speaking on a panel at Jupiter Online Media Conference, where I was also spea… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 24, 2003

This time by Jupiter Research, to coincide with the Jupiter Online Media Conference. According to the report, consumers are warming to the n… Read more »

In an attempt to push its print subscribers online, has launched “Afternoon Report”– an add-on that updates with fresh news twice… Read more »

This week’s award goes to none other than Microsoft’s Hotmail service. Hotmail subscribers are now limited to sending only 100 messages a day “in an effort to prevent spammers from using Hotmail to spread spam,” said Lisa Gurry, MSN lead product manager in an interview with […] Read more »

“Executives of AOL, Yahoo,, and the Webcaster RealNetworks say that the hunger for up-to-the-minute news of troops on th… Read more »

A story about how AOL is adding features and content to its broadband service. “AOL is positioning its AOL for Broadband–which will have a… Read more »

I am not sure if any one of you remember a company called 3Dfx – it was a damn fine graphics chip maker until it lost the battle for video game domination to Nvidia and decided to sell out to Nvidia after it was financially humbled. […] Read more »

WebTV founder Phil Goldman has re-emerged with a new start-up, MailBlocks. It has tons of built in filters, and uses neat tricks that are based on whitelists. According to, “Before allowing e-mails through to your in-box, Mailblocks automatically transmits a numerical password to first-time correspondents. […] Read more »

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