Stories for Apr. 16, 2003

O2, the UK wireless operator, will begin trialling its video download and video messaging services next month among 350 select users, with a… Read more »

Movielink, the digital movie subscription service, has added as another distribution vehicle for its downloadable movies servi… Read more »

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Melissa Hourigan Account Manager InterActive PR:: From a PR person’s point of view, Red Herring coverage was always the dream of every client we have ever had (we deal with start-ups for the most part). I remember my first day in tech pr, I was given […] Read more », one of the biggest online wildlife resource sites, has launched its first subscription effort: an “Online Sibley Guide to Birds… Read more »

From :: Red Herring is gone, and so is the boom it chronicled. But the magazine’s optimism wasn’t misplaced — it was right on target. Read the complete article. When at Red Herring I used to enjoy writing a “dealflop” every now and then. As […] Read more »

Well, this had to happen sooner than later…the peak of blogging. On the occasion of 50th anniversary of the conquest of Mount Everest, mul… Read more »

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Stories for Apr. 15, 2003

Content interface companies (content-on-desktop, as Anne Holland puts it) like InfoGate, Serence and others are becoming more common, but wi… Read more »

An interesting story on how all the investments made by online news sites in the Iraq conflict may not necessarily translate well for the bo… Read more »

IGN Entertainment has bought VE3D, a popular site on gaming news from its former owners BA Ventures. Read more »

According to a new survey, an online gamer just as likely to be a well-paid professional – male or female – aged in their 40s, and not just… Read more »

Some analysts are voted as best in their field for their knowledge of the industry, some get points based on their quality of service and ot… Read more »

America Online has announced a licensing agreement with On2 Technologies that will let AOL deliver On2-encoded digital video to a wide range… Read more »

Whether it’s to view real-time Webcasts or to run their own fantasy team, fans are flocking to the Net — and paying — to get their fix Read more »

Stories for Apr. 14, 2003

This is the story in Barron’s which has singlehandedly dragged the Internet stocks down on the market today, especially eBay, and… Read more »

“Revenues for NYTD grew 21.4 percent in the first quarter to $19.6 million from $16.2 million in the 2002 first quarter and operating profit… Read more »

TV still calls the shots – For those suffering from CDS Ìü¦ cricket deprivation syndrome Ìü¦ since March 23, there is good and bad news. The good news is that the next World Cup is only 48 months away and will be losing some of its […] Read more »

Yahoo plans to launch a raft of premium services for Europe…among these include the US Yahoo! Platinum service for the European market. It… Read more »

Ynet will put a Hebrew encyclopedia online – a pioneering project for an Israeli Internet site. The encyclopedia will have some 10,000 const… Read more »

A detailed story on how bidding for Vivendi’s Universal Music Group has fallen flat, including considering Apple’s bold bid. “Talks in recen… Read more »

An interesting story on a technical check on the quality of streaming video news during the current Iraq conflict. In the months leading up… Read more »

A not-very-flattering review of FullAudio’s MusicNow online music subscription service. Read more »

Stories for Apr. 13, 2003

In the wake of thrashing a second string Indian team gave to the new look South Africa in the second one-dayer in Bangladesh (why do we have to play in this miserable excuse for a cricket playing country) Wisden’s Dileep Premachandran talks about the woes that […] Read more »

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