Stories for May. 9, 2003

“What’s amusing to me, is that most of the Weblogs I use are for business purposes. But I end up signing up for their e-mail as well, so now… Read more »

Siemens has teamed up with German TV channels, 13th Street and Studio Universal (part of Universal Studios) to turn TV shows into a mobile f… Read more »

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The emphasis on broadband inside America Online has moved from the sidelines, with only eight employees a year ago, to become the centerpiec… Read more »

Stories for May. 8, 2003

Primedia has dismantled its Media Central unit, and various magazines under its umbrella will now report to different sections within Primed… Read more »

The Financial Times’ marketing boss who quit the newspaper earlier this week has followed fellow former FT executive Michael Murphy to join… Read more »

loading external resource has begun offering stock quotes and snippets of its news stories to users of AOL Instant Messenger, in an attempt to attract new sub… Read more »

A curious figure cited by David Day, SVP at Neilsen-Netratings in UK, speaking at the Interactive Media conference in London on Wednesday: T… Read more »

Electronic Arts is mulling subscription fees for its online Web games and Madden football. It’s a pretty bold plan ? and one that could conc… Read more »

Stories for May. 7, 2003

Playboy Enterprises has swung into profit, on the strength of its website and television operations. Profits came in at $600,000, compared t… Read more »

This is the new new battle in the online media: Google’ CEO Eric Schmidt believes said at an industry conference that Internet companies th… Read more »

Online profiling vendors are raking it it, sort of. A controversial practice from the dot-com heyday, profiling is making a comeback as some… Read more »

Australia’s online consumers are increasingly comfortable with the idea of paying for content…..yep, rejoice. Read more »

The president of AOL Broadband Lisa Hook said Tuesday that the company has seen striking success in merging television content in the broadb… Read more »

Terra Lycos reported a sharp drop in first quarter sales, stirring doubts over its business model despite continued progress in slashing ope… Read more »

Stories for May. 6, 2003

Another Southern California Internet company under investigation: Nasdaq hasrequested additional information from online entertaiment networ… Read more »

MSN is planning to offer its photo service only to subscribers of MSN 8, an Internet service that bundles online services such as e-mail and… Read more »

Suing music pirates may scare off a few file-sharers, but providing legal alternatives along the lines of Apple iTunes makes more sense. Read more »

Microsoft is readying a new version of Xbox Live with advanced community features such as voice chat and locater services that operate indep… Read more »

Sprint’s PCS division is launching a new video product for users, offering movie reviews, news and sports scores from companies such as Dai… Read more »

Stories for May. 5, 2003

Today Steve Jobs and Company, also known as Apple Computer announced that the sold more than a million songs from its new iTunes store – full disclosure: I bought three songs for $3. “In less than one week we’ve broken every record and become the largest […] Read more »

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