Stories for Mar. 7, 2003

This is what Alex Daley, head of AOP e-mailed me about the launch of OPA Europe: “AOP is fully
supportive of a European association that ha… Read more »

BT online music service fails whistle test: Trust The Register to always have the last word: BT’s Dotmusic on Demand (DoD) digital music sub… Read more »

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Learnings From The Serious Business of Online Gaming: The gaming industry has done several things right: developing a loyal customer base, f… Read more »

Study: Sponsorship Pays Off: “Content sites have dabbled with the sponsorship model. Women-focused site iVillage has touted its sponsorship… Read more »

That’s the rather pessimistic view of New Media Age, on the launch of OPA Europe. “But what makes this particularly absurd is the fact the w… Read more »

BT Group Turns to Music Downloads to Grow Broadband : BT Group announced the commercial launch of a subscription-based music download servic… Read more » and CBS announced they’ve amended their investment agreement, deferring certain payments in stock from the sports-news servic… Read more »

Dutch Firm Opens New Front in Music File-Swapping: Dutch Internet company PGR BV, a privately held company that has its own new file-sharin… Read more »

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Microsoft, Sony Set for European Online Gaming War: Sony and Microsoft will open a new front in their computer games battles in Europe later… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 6, 2003

Sony’s CEO Unplugged: Whatever Perkins says, take it with a fistful of salt: this is NOT a rare interview, as the story declares: in fact, S… Read more »

GSA, DoD Join Liberty Alliance: The web single sign-on battle heats up: the open-system biased Liberty Alliance gained two major federal pla… Read more »

NHL Goes Wireless With PocketBoxOffice: Wireless entertainment network provider Airborne Entertainment, which operates PocketBoxOffice, the… Read more »

It has been a tumultuous week! In past six days, I have gone from elation to absolute despair to now slowly inching into depression. On Friday last, I woke up with a sense of ominous doom. The tom-toms said that Red Herring was on very thin […] Read more »

CBS and said Thursday they have amended their investment agreement, deferring certain payments in stock from the sports news… Read more »

Slashdot Subscribers Now See The Future: Slashdot is now experimenting with enhancing its subscription service: besides the ability to suppr… Read more »

Hot Off Your News Clicking Service: Newsreaders are in the news (watch out for an interview with an enterprise newsreader/push company CEO s… Read more » To Release TV Show on P2P Service First:, a former Silicon Alley high-flyer, says it’s producing a new hip-hop show, s… Read more »

Tapping the Second-Tier ISP Market: Will Content Providers Bite?: Synacor tries to market premium third-party content to smaller ISPs…In s… Read more »

Xbox Live Provides Shake Up: The imminent launch of Xbox Live in Europe is provoking a shake-up among online gaming services, with BT axeing… Read more »

Pocket PC Subscription Services Coming: The Australian company GoConnect will launch an interactive video subscription service will not only… Read more »

Pressplay Searches for Ad Agency: West Coast shops will be the focus of an agency search by Pressplay, the online music service. The resulti… Read more »

Content Separate From Access for BT: BT’s view: “We approach our premium content services as separate to our ISP packages. Unlike other serv… Read more »

The Internet as Jukebox, at a Price: A review of all the online music services in the market, the restrictions and the “freedom” they provid… Read more »

Let’s Hear it Again: A new website,, has been launched tthat will allow music fans an opportunity to order digital downloads… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 5, 2003

Digital Music Debate May Rest on the Platform: A report on the Digital Music Forum held in NYC yesterday. “Cable and satellite network opera… Read more »

Variety Signs Distribution Deal With AP: Entertainment magazine Variety has signed a distribution deal with Associated Press’ AP Digital, to… Read more »

“ and nearly all the other major networks? Web sites charge fees to access their videos, and they can be unpleasant to watch unless y… Read more »

Boston Herald To Launch a Subscription Scheme for Its Popular Columnists: This has been bit of a holy grail for big newspapers: the ability… Read more »

Full Audio to Rebrand and Relaunch with MusicNow: FullAudio is fine-tuning plans for a revamped–and renamed–service that adds unlimited te… Read more »

EA’s Follies in the Online World: A detailed analysis of Electronic Art’s forays online and how it hasn’t worked out as they hoped it would:… Read more »

3G Network May Carry Adult Video: Britain’s newest mobile phone network, 3, which was soft-launched Monday, is planning to use the technolog… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 4, 2003

Apple Preparing Digital Music Service: Apple Computer is preparing an online music-buying service for Macintosh and iPod users and is close… Read more »

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Passes 350,000 Subscribers: Microsoft has signed up more than 350,000 subscribers worldwide for its Xbox Live online v… Read more »

Band Generates Funds for Album Through Website: More and more artists are starting their own fan club subscription services online. The stor… Read more »

Synacor to Re-sell Online Multi-Media Premium Services: This is a major move: Synacor, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based technology firm, has emerged fr… Read more »

This one is about two weeks old, but important enough: I noted the launch of the new micropayments company Peppercoin. This is a more detail… Read more »

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