Stories for Feb. 21, 2003

Want The News Now? Then Pay Up: A newspaper in Singapore has done what pundits here in US have only been debating for months and perhaps yea… Read more »

Music Industry Faces New Threats On Web: A Dutch man is about to go into business as an enabler of Internet peer-to-peer services. He wants… Read more »

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In Japan and Korea, Mobile content Is Making Money: The wireless Web? Wasn’t its obituary written way back in 2000?…Yet, Japan’s three mob… Read more »

Reed Elsevier Third Largest Online Company: Reed Elsevier yesterday claimed the unlikely title of the world’s third largest internet company… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 20, 2003

Napster Rising From the Grave: Napster, whose assets were bought out by Roxio, will go through a resurrection. The company likely will launc… Read more »

An interview with Roger Fidler, Director of the Institute for CyberInformation at Kent State University, and an electronic content distribut… Read more »

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Kazaa couples up with MatchNet: Well, this is a first: Dating services company MatchNet has announced it has entered into an agreement to pr… Read more »

Mobile Content: Phones Just Wanna Have Fun: A case study on how Samsung used it mobile club to promote premium wirless content services. “Wi… Read more »

Bango Unveils New WAP Text Payment Offer: UK mobile company has signed content providers such as Emap’s Parker’s Cars Guide and sh… Read more »

Online Journalism and Salon: When Dan Gillmor’s writers, people listen. Why does he support Salon: “Because I want to support excellent jour… Read more »

Mobile Industry Struggles in Wireless Web : “Now that the industry needs to take this model to the next step, by enabling consumers to send… Read more »

Online Music: Closer to the Right Note: Rafe Needleman highlight two new music technology companies offer products that are almost compellin… Read more »

Net Blocking Threatens Legitimate Sites: Well, read this story and the post below (about at work audience) together, carefully. The implicat… Read more »

At Work Audience is Elephant in the Room: The office audience has been under attack of late, by researchers, that is. It is an extremely luc… Read more »

Ericsson and Sony Music Germany Launch Wireless Music Content Service: Ericsson and Sony Music Germany will collaborate on a new digital mob… Read more »

The Revolution Masterclass on Paid-for Content: Nice to see mainstream online/tech magazines giving “masterclasses” on how to develop subscr… Read more »

RealNetworks Plans for the Future: International Expansion (Streaming Video Interview): A long and very informative interview with Brian Tur… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 19, 2003

Swedish broadband provider Bredbandbolaget and SF Anytime have launched broadband cinema across Sweden. 120 movies and a large number of TV… Read more »

Alan Reiter writes: “An Italian tobacconist saw two suspicious characters outside his shop in Rome. He used his camera phone to send a photo of the pair and a text message to the police. The police checked their records, found the two people were wanted for […] Read more »

Real, Ericsson Team on Mobile Media: RealNetworks has struck a deal with wireless technology provider Ericsson to power the delivery of digi… Read more »

Playboy’s Online Losses Narrow; Sees 85 Percent Increase In Subscription Revs: Playboy Enterprises’ online division reported losses of $0.3… Read more »

Real’s Real Competition With Yahoo: “But here’s the rub for Real: Many of its 13 content partnerships aren’t exclusive, which opens the door… Read more »

World Cup Cricket 2003 is in full swing in South Africa. Sure this is an event which does not get headlines like the SuperBowl or the Major League Baseball, but when it comes to viewership, more than 1.75 billion people tune into the games. In India […] Read more »

This is a followup to the list from Media magazine on the best online publishers of 2002. The companeis include CNET, CBS, E… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 18, 2003

European Phantasy Star Online Pricing: Infogrames has confirmed the monthly subscription costs for the European version of Phantasy Star Onl… Read more »

Mobile industry looks to SMS/TV interactivity: A group of industry broadcasters, aggregators, mobile operators, software developers and othe… Read more »

AP Digital to Distribute WPNI’s Content to Wireless Market: AP Digital, a division of The Associated Press that distributes news and inform… Read more »

New Republic to Debut Content Online Before Print: The venerable New Republic, as part of its print magazine makeover, will also launch a ne… Read more »

CenterSpan Cuts As it Seeks Additional Funds: The digital P2P and content delivery technology company CenterSpan has laid off half its emplo… Read more »

Italian Telecom Offers God on a Cell Phone: Telecom Italia’s mobile-phone unit TIM is now sending daily religious and inspirational messages… Read more »

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