Stories for Mar. 15, 2003 India’s leading film stars, politicians and industrialists are at the head of thousands of fans going to South Africa for next week’s cricket World Cup semi-final clash with Kenya, officials said. Read more »

the script would run something like this…… Security = $10 million.Infrastructure = $5 million.Tickets sold = $1 million.Money made by Hansie Cronje on fixed games = $200,000.Watching South Africa Choke In The World Cup Again = ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS. Read more »

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CNN:: Passions are high on the subcontinent as India’s national cricket team storms to the semi-finals of the World Cup. The nation is cricket mad and comes to a virtual standstill every time its players take to the field in the quest for the one-day trophy. Read more »

Stories for Mar. 14, 2003

A good comparison of how Yahoo Platinum multi-media subscription service might challenge America Online’s own broadband strategy. “Yahoo’s f… Read more »

]Finally someone has come-up with the technology I have been lusting for – loading Mp3 files into your cellphone and using it as a ringtone. Well there is no point giving the company any points for originality – the name of the company has been taken […] Read more »

A technical article on how and why streaming media has made its way into the mainstream, mainly from an enterprise perspective. But its nove… Read more »

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BBC Worldwide and China’s largest website, have tied up that will enable Chinese mobile users to receive a topical daily e-mail fro… Read more »

BT has announced a number of additions to its broadband service in UK. Among them, a portable radio that can connect to the web. The portab… Read more »

In a new offering from Moviso, popular song excerpts and sound effects — all licensed and authentic — are available on the company’s TruTo… Read more »

From ComputerWire:: WorldCom Inc will write off a staggering $79.8bn, including the remaining $45bn of goodwill on its balance sheet, the company revealed yesterday. The scale of the writedown, reportedly the biggest ever by a US company, highlights the plunge in the perceived value of telecoms […] Read more »

Broadband Daily:: It is official – Earthlink is launching Earthlink Unlimied Voice and target its million odd broadband subscribers. The service is powered by Vonage, the broadband phone service. With this move, EarthLink becomes the first ISP to offer a viable competitive residential phone service. EarthLink […] Read more »

Gulf News:: Shahid Afridi has been banned from taking part in next month’s Sharjah Cup. “Afridi will not play in the April 1 to 10 Sharjah Cup and will be fined 50 per cent of his match fee for the game against India in the World […] Read more »

Stories for Mar. 13, 2003

“The mere presence of subscription content may add to percieved value of a site. But again, this depends on the user…to other users with l… Read more »

Less than nine months after its launch, Sony’s PlayStation 2 Internet adapter, which enables online gaming, has sold almost one million unit… Read more »

New research by Jupiter Research: nearly twice as many online consumers are willing to pay $17.99 for a CD that has unrestricted copy abili… Read more »

How news sites such as and are preparing for the war: “Heightened interest in online news could make this the perfect momen… Read more »

T-Online, Europe’s biggest internet service provider, today posted upbeat fourth quarter results as revenues and profits increased. The comp… Read more »

Dawn:: Nothing is more calculated to subvert the national interest than the suggestion, voiced in some foolish quarters, that following the laughable performance of the Pakistan cricket team in the World Cup, Pakistan’s cricket czar, serving Lt Gen Tauqir Zia, should step down. If performance were […] Read more »

Jamaica Gleaner:: Remember the words of Maurice Odumbe last week after Kenya had qualified for the Super Six round of the World Cup?If you do not, these were some of the words of the former captain: “When we were preparing for the World Cup we never […] Read more »

Dawn :: Skipper Waqar is way past his sell-by date, and the cricket board’s head honcho, Tauqeer Zia, a serving lieutenant-general and corps commander, issues endless fatuous statements. In this he is no different from his brothers in uniform who love to see their names in […] Read more »

Jamaica Gleaner :: With all the West Indies players available for selection in Jamaica’s XI for tomorrow’s crucial seventh and final round Carib Beer match against India A, coach Robert Haynes said in his mind he would select three quick bowlers along with David Bernard Jnr […] Read more » :: Kepler Wessels, who played Test cricket for Australia and later captained his native South Africa, believes only Sachin Tendulkar stands between Australia and back-to-back World Cup titles. Read more »

Cricket365:: Sachin Tendulkar is back on top of the one-day rankings, no surprise here. The man is in good form and is likely to play some more responsible innings. New Zealand strike bowler Shane Bond moved up 31 places to 11th in the PricewaterhouseCoopers bowling rankings […] Read more »

New Zealand Herald:: Steve Tikolo, a small man with a soft voice, is starting to believe in miracles. Who can blame him? The Kenyan captain says a victory over Australia at Kingsmead in Durban tomorrow night is not an impossibility, nor is a rematch in the […] Read more »

Guardian’s Rahul Bhattacharya reports that when Sachin Tendulkar arrived in southern Africa with two runs in three matches in New Zealand, a shadow over his batting position and the ever-insatiable expectations of millions, yet he steadily made the World Cup his own. Read more »

BBC News:: Forget the battlegrounds, or cricket field, the India-pakistan war has gone hi-tech. According to BBC News, an Indian hacker group called the Indian Snakes has developed a variant of Yaha Internet E-Mail worm which is now attacking attacking websites in Pakistan, including government sites, […] Read more »

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