Stories for Apr. 11, 2003

An interview with Paul Rossi, publisher of, on how the site balances free and paid content, and the mix of revenues. Read more »

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Stories for Apr. 10, 2003

Online movie subscription site Movielink, a joint venture of five Hollywood movie studios, is being sued for patent infringement by USA Vide… Read more »

While most news sites around the world have yet to figure how to coax readers into paying for online news, Japan’s No. 2 newspaper Asahi Sh… Read more »

Reuters, which launched its Raw Video streaming news service online on Mar 19, and was supposed to charge for it within a week, has changed… Read more »

The second Digital Download Day, the music industry?s promotion of unequivocably legal digital music, kicked off in the UK yesterday with th… Read more » has reached the 675,000 subscribers mark, according to the Q1 results of parent Dow Jones, released today. That is a 5.5 percent inc… Read more »

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“When I’m making that 15th readers’ appeal, I sometimes feel like I’ve become a marketing person, rather than an editor. There are days when… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 9, 2003

The Association for Information and Image Management, International (AIIM International) has announced the formation of an international joi… Read more »

Yahoo’s first-quarter results beat analysts’ profit forecasts as sales leaped 47 percent on the back of solid growth in advertising and prem… Read more »

UK will create the first official music download chart. Digital distribution specialist OD2 is backing the scheme in partnership with The Of… Read more »

Nua, an Irish site popular among online professionals for its news on internet statistics and research, has been bought by Jupitermedia. The… Read more »

(free registration): A detailed story on the early days of the mobile transactions dream. There are a number of solutions in the market, but… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 8, 2003

(via Corante on Blogging): “I fear that this could be like some of those first struggles on the Net. When the first Netizens were among fri… Read more »

(free registration): Walt Disney Chairman Michael Eisner said Monday at NAB that his company would not let the threat of piracy keep it from… Read more »

Ten percent of the music sold in the world last year was ringtones: $3 billion. That figure from Jay Alan Samit, president, EMI Record Music… Read more »

Bands can’t prevent bootlegging, but they can control it more than they have so far. “Beta versions of software become irrelevant when final… Read more »

Jewish Chronicle, the UK-based Jewish newspaper, is going subscription from later this month. “This facility – offering daily, monthly or ye… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 7, 2003

ActiveBuddy is relaunching the SmarterChild instant messaging bot on three of the four major IM platforms, and will now carry a $9.99 per ye… Read more »

Digital media technologies allow us to witness government initiatives in action and create an instant record of their failures or successes. Read more »

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