Stories for Apr. 4, 2003

Online game publisher WildTangent has announced new agreements with FOXSports, FX Networks and Pepsi International to deliver online games t… Read more »

Nando Times, one of the pioneering news websites, will cease to exist within about 90 days, said Christian A. Hendricks, VP of Interactive M… Read more »

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MSN is Europe’s biggest portal, and it is widening its lead, according to this story. Advertising on MSN’s 17 sites across these regions has… Read more »

Yahoo Japan has inked a deal with Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, that will allow it to distribute music o… Read more »

The Digital Media Association and the Recording Industry Association of America agreed to a proposal for royalty fees that Internet radio se… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 3, 2003

Computer services company EDS is muscling in on the burgeoning market for digital asset management with a suite of new consulting services f… Read more »

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(via MarketingFix): Canadian media company CanWest Global Communications plans to roll out electronic versions of its newspapers with embedd… Read more »

Venture capitalist Greg Blonder says there are hard-headed business reasons that support the notion of giving away music. Read more »

In a significant move for online movie delivery, Twentieth Century Fox Film will begin licensing feature and library films to Internet film… Read more »

I have been in San Francisco for past four days and I am surprised by the vitrol and hatred people have for the war and President Bush in California. Cruising down the El Camino or just walking on Market Street, the anti-war protesters are every where. […] Read more »

Microsoft is now supporting RSS format, without screwing with it. Dave Winer, one of the co-founders of the format, writes: “A true mileston… Read more »

A Microsoft ad on Slashdot? What has this world come to? Rob? Grant?
Of course, you may not see it on the site now as it threads through a n… Read more »

(free registration required): A provocative story by Douglas Rushkoff on how users can make sure that wireless media does not become another… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 2, 2003

Wine Market Report, a wine industry trade publication, has made its archives of articles, reports and industry data available online through… Read more » said 5,454,428 shares of its common stock were issued to CBS Broadcasting, a unit of Viacom. The stock was issued pursuant to… Read more »

How to set up a round-the-clock news site on a shoestring, bring in $3,500 a day, and still have time to lounge on the beach. Read more »

Shazam Entertainment, the real time song identification service, has won the best startup title in the Revolution magazine’s 2003 awards. Us… Read more »

Acacia Research says it owns five U.S. and 17 international patents covering the transmission and receipt of digital audio and digital video… Read more »

“Online parlor games may be consistent money makers in their own right, but MMP games are the cash cows of tomorrow’s online game world and… Read more » has added the Financial Times to its roster of content distribution partners, in an arrangement designed to expand its news report… Read more », one of the biggest financial news and information websites and part of Bloomberg media, has relaunched with a new design. Loo… Read more »

A Q&A with Dave Fester, general manager of Microsoft’s Windows Digital Media. According to him, his company’s Windows Media technology balan… Read more »

Shared broadband access has driven demand for home networking so far–but this year, sharing entertainment will be the big lure, according t… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 1, 2003

When PayPal filed for its successful IPO last year, it listed a slew of competitors in the online payment arena. But those rivals, including… Read more »

AOL and Infinity, the radio station holding company, will team up in a unique cross-marketing campaign to share and broadcast each other’s c… Read more »

Part two of speech by Kurt Hanson on the future of online radio. Thispart shows how Internet radio’s consumer benefits are keeping the mediu… Read more »

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