Stories for Apr. 23, 2003

AOL Time Warner disclosed that it incurred a $54 billion noncash write-off of goodwill and said its online unit put a drag on revenue.
For… Read more »

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RealNetworks, which just bought out in a $36 million deal, paid about $1.25 million to its MusicNet venture for royalties and ser… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 22, 2003

An interview with Ion Valaskakis, head of the Entertainment group for Vodafone Global Content Services. “It won’t be long before we’re able… Read more »

Why rules online, while FoxNews lags in the seventh place among online news sites. Methinks it has something to do with the more ope… Read more »

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A collaborative report from Screen Digest and ArkSports Limited indicates that there will be more than 113 million sports broadband users gl… Read more »

Following yesterday’s announcement of RealNetworks buying, analysts predict Microsoft is interested in acquiring Chicago-based Fu… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 21, 2003

Fox channels will start airing Classmates from June 30, a show based and developed through The show will be a “half-hour str… Read more »

A detailed interview with RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser which focuses on the impact of Microsoft on RealNetworks…more specifically, Microsof… Read more »

The Independent, the “independent” newspaper in UK, is launching a subscription/micropayments service, dubbed Independent Portfolio, which w… Read more »

Softbank’s Internet video-on-demand subsidiary Softbank Broadmedia is pushing a little-noticed technology that promises to stream DVD-qualit… Read more »

From Wall Street Journal :: “A Decollete Subject: Forget plunging necklines. According to the Baltimore Sun, the new focus has shifted to the southern bosom — i.e., to the revealing glimpses coming from below made possible by bare midriffs, scarf tops or tiny, cut-off T-shirts. But […] Read more »

This just in from a spokesperson at AMD: “Given that the product has not launched yet, I can see why it may be hard to get an opteron system. Starting tomorrow, there will be more than 30 system builders with AMD Opteron processor-based systems available. As […] Read more »

There is this very interesting report on, which outlines that US is seeking naval, military and air bases in India. The news report is based on a classified US Department of Defence document and there has been some talk between the two countries and their […] Read more »

There seems to a big shakeout at Infoworld…many of the original columnists are leaving, and many of them are starting ther own weblogs. Se… Read more »

“Jobs has tried to strike a balance between the entertainment industry’s protectionist stance toward music, and the attitude of some in the… Read more »

MusicMatch has launched a new web-based version of its music service which will allow workplace users–who either can’t or don’t want to dow… Read more »

MIT Technology Review :: Wi-Fi might soon be the key to a new kind of convergence that joins your living room and your personal computer. This is my latest freelance article, perhaps the last one for a long time since I have started working for Business […] Read more »

“Japanese electronics company NEC has unveiled a new all-in-one chip that can act as a digital video broadcast decoder and power next-generation entertainment devices that record to either a DVD or a hard disk,” reports This could spread the PVRs even more, though no respite […] Read more »

In case any of you missed the impressive series, I recommend you check out this website which is even more in depth, and has many video clips to go with the series which aired on PBS last weel. Learn the facts about biological, chemical, nuclear weapons; […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 20, 2003

Gartners Group is talking about some thing they are unimaginatively calling NGN – next generation network. “NGN will unify three networks — public switched telephone, Internet and wireless — and will focus on the customisation of communications services purchased at individual subscriber level on the enterprise […] Read more »

Stories for Apr. 19, 2003

In less than two weeks, I would leave my beloved New York for the second time. This time I have run out of options. With the worst job market in the history of publishing I am glad I have managed to secure a job and it […] Read more »

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