Stories for May. 29, 2003

A Cardiff, UK company is to offer people a regular message from the bible via their mobile phones in an attempt to show how up-to-date the c… Read more »

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“The simplest entry for Amazon would entail partnering with a third party such as Ecast, which has acquired distribution rights for some mus… Read more »

The companies announced a seven-year pact under which AOL will use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browsing technology for free over the next… Read more »

“Apple is the new MTV,” said Numair Faraz, 18, who has started several online service companies. “It is the new funnel for music. When thing… Read more »

MTV’s prepaid mobile services (branded “HELLO_MTV”) will initially be available in Sweden from the 1st June 2003 and will include a unique s… Read more »

Stories for May. 28, 2003

Yep, one of the big online dating site should buy out Friendster…I have already called online dating sector as a bubble before, and this i… Read more »

Sony has unveiled a game machine on Wednesday, the “PSX,” that puts a TV tuner, DVD recorder and game player in a single box.
For brilliant… Read more »

loading external resource will rule the world, someday, like Wal-Mart. “Asked if Amazon was planning to open an online music store, Bezos said that ‘we’ve… Read more »

Online music service MusicNet has laid off about 30 people in its Seattle office…majority owner RealNetworks is phasing out Musicnet from… Read more »

CNet Networks shares were up by more than 23 percent in afternoon trading Wednesday, on more than three times their average daily volume. St… Read more »

Walt Disney is in talks with German telecom company T-Online to offer movies on demand, online, according to this translated version of the… Read more »

Financial news and info sites like and CBS Marketwatch have been doing well in the stock market. “There is a lack of financial… Read more »

The DRM problem with ebooks: “Companies are trying to address the problem — by coming up with new forms of temporary electronic “ink,” that… Read more »

Telekom Austria broadband ADSL subscribers will have access to a new video-on-demand service,, starting from 7 June. The service will… Read more »

Sometimes the most obvious application can prove to be a killer application. While rest of the world searches for grid nirvana, analyst Ahmar Abbas suggests a very simple use of the grid computing resources. ‘So, after shooting the future Palme D’Or winning masterpiece with our digital […] Read more »

Apple Computer has limited a music-sharing feature from the latest version of iTunes after some Mac owners used it to swap songs over the In… Read more »

RealNetworks on Wednesday will cease selling the music-subscription service MusicNet in favor of one from’s Rhapsody, which also… Read more »

Stories for May. 27, 2003

(registration required) This is where is best: developing long, feature length stories and reports. This one is on the digital musi… Read more »

A small detail in Safa Rashtchy’s latest Silk Road Weekly newsletter caught my eye: “faster-than-anticipated growth in subscription revenues… Read more »

A software perspective, but since this is Dave Winer, you gotta listen up. Also read part 2. Read more »

Audible, the downloadable audio service, has tied up with Ricardo Samuel Goldstein, a leading Brazilian Internet entrepreneur, to launch Aud… Read more »

Stories for May. 26, 2003

The South African online publishing industry has formed its own Online Publishers Association, which was officially launched last week.
It i… Read more »

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