Stories for Aug. 25, 2003

I am getting slightly cloudy (or is it hazy?) about the number of premium services (OK, that was a terrible pun…): it has laun… Read more »

Rumors are flying on FC… already has an arrangement with Lycos on sharing content…
In a related story, Lycos Europe has be… Read more »

(this is a new series of insider happenings in the industry: as they call it in journalistic parlance, reliable, yet unverified).
The word o… Read more »

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(free r.r) Yahoo is partnering with Paramount Television Group’s popular celebrity news program “Entertainment Tonight”: under the deal, Yah… Read more »

Sports fans are adopting broadband, and are paying extra to follow teams: “Between 150,000 and 170,000 people subscribe for MLB’s online rad… Read more »

What happens when minimalist Steve Jobs meets over the top Bollywood? Magic baby Magic. Apple is pushing its G5 “faster computer in the world” hype on the hypemeisters in Bombay. bq. “India is a huge untapped market for Apple and apart from traditional industries such as […] Read more »

Porn site operators have mixed feelings about a long-standing proposal to create a dot-xxx domain exclusively for adult content. But legal p… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 24, 2003

BBC Story: An official review of the BBC’s online services will be conducted by former Trinity Mirror chief executive Philip Graf…The revi… Read more »

In an ambitious move bound to create a lot of controversy in UK, Greg Dyke, director general of the BBC announced plans to give the public f… Read more »

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Who could fall out of love with that New York adrenaline rush, or the clutter of the 7 Train as it grinds on stilts of iron from Manhattan o… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 23, 2003

Light Reading has an interesting round-up of news surrounding the Federal Communication Commission’s Triennal Review. At 576 pages, this is one monster, and would be one sad-way to spend the weekend, LR suggests. We agree. bq. FCC took six months to put it all together… so […] Read more »

Whatever happened to the liberals in Scandinavia? Even the evil Baby Bells don’t resort to such tactics. bq. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) reported that it has been investigating a case of electronic snooping in which officials at Sonera, the national telecom monopoly, monitored the business […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 22, 2003

“The subscription price is $6.95 per month, with the Ohio St. athletic department and the DI-A’s CHAMPS program receiving a portion of each… Read more »

(PDF File, 254 KB, 77 pages) (via Fast Company Blog): A great weekend read: Seth Godin on what should Google do now, in terms of adding new… Read more »

Apple’s iTunes service does use DRM technology — for example, users may not e-mail downloaded music files to unlimited numbers of other use… Read more »

Software titan Microsoft is driving interest in enterprise DRM. The company plans to become more heavily involved in this technology via Mic… Read more »

I am supending the newsletter publication for this week, as people have enough e-mails/viruses etc to deal with…the website and the newsle… Read more »

(subscription required): “As bandwidth and computing power increase, our desktops will become mini servers in their own right. When we think… Read more »

(via Textually) Jakob Nielsen weighs in on the usability of mobile devices: “Right now, there aren’t enough mobile devices in use to warrant… Read more »

Six months after outlining their plans, federal regulators released details Thursday on controversial new rules that will help shape the fut… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 21, 2003

Sometimes, something so complicated can be so simple bq. For Douglas Foreman, co-manager of TCW Galileo Aggressive Growth Equities fund, the hunt for danger begins with the balance sheet. “The balance sheet leads the income statement, especially on the way down, by six to 12 months,” […] Read more »

Men once again prove that they are idiots – instead of believing their spouses, thus risking discord in the homestead, they are willing to believe the Global Positioning Systems installed in their cars. bq. But, relieved of my navigating duties and with nothing else to do, […] Read more »

Singingfish, best known for a repository of links to audio and video content, said it is adding Flash-based material to its capabilities st… Read more »

Dutch financial investor J.H.H. de Mol, the billionaire behind “Big Brother”, has acquired “five percent of the company’s share capital and… Read more »

WaPo checks out a Best Buy store and tests the digital media/services subscriptions it is selling, including Internet movie rental service N… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 20, 2003

The Rolling Stones’ decision to sell their music online is proof of seismic change in the music industry, according to Guardian. The story t… Read more »

This is funky as funky can be…Holland, the country who brought to television the first “Big Brother” reality show in 1999, is now innovati… Read more »

BuyMusic, the online music download store founder Scott Blum started, released on Tuesday a second update to its service.
BuyMusic h… Read more »

Sadly, for all e-mail publishers/marketers, the answer increasingly sound like yes. Rejoice… Read more »

I am dealing with a similar problem today, though on a much smaller scale compared to Jupitermedia…and see the post below, on the death of… Read more »

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