Stories for Sep. 18, 2003

Well, he’s had serious discussions about acquiring an internet portal, which have so far come to nothing, according to this story. Who’s up… Read more »

Not necessarily a content story, but important, nonetheless: MSFT’s decision to go full-blast into the search market, against Google and Yah… Read more »

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BBC has revealed that its plans to open up its archives online includes the use of peer-to-peer file sharing for the distribution of its pro… Read more »

Rich Gordon writes about an interesting concept, which perhaps is not so much a concept as reality these days: “interstitial journalism” is… Read more »

The board of directors of AOL Time Warner on Thursday approved changing the media company’s name to Time Warner. CEO Dick Parsons said in a… Read more »

(Yes, I will now have to change my own category name from AOL to TWX!) Following the news that AOL TW will drop “AOl” from its name, the com… Read more »

(subscription required): Reuters Group has spent the past few years telling investors and everyone who would listen that it has evolved into… Read more »

The 20th “OhMyGod!” story on OhMyNews…The pioneering South Korean news site posts hundreds of stories every day — most are written by hou… Read more »

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Scientists are looking at ways of sending huge amounts of research data over a struggling internet. [BBC News | TECHNOLOGY] Read more »

(reg. req.): “The 540 Club is among more than 1,600 restaurants, bars and other venues with hard-drive equipped jukeboxes powered by Ecast I… Read more »

bq. TI joins the crowd: Broadcom, Atheros, and Philips have also recently announced tiny Wi-Fi chips designed to work in cell phones. TI’s chips, however, will be 802.11a/b/g. Motorola said it’d use the chips in its combined Wi-Fi/cell phone due out next year. It remains to […] Read more »

Tenure online has a profound impact on behavior. The longer you’re online, the more your behavior changes, the more you adapt, the more likely you are to be in an always-on environment and the more likely that will accelerate the change in your behavior. According to […] Read more »

Businesses are offered connection payments to help increase the uptake of broadband in Scotland. [BBC News | TECHNOLOGY] Read more »

Calling wireless “the next best thing,” Intel Corp.’s top wireless executives are promising lower-power enhancements that will extend the technology throughout the world. [Technology News from eWEEK and Ziff Davis] Read more »

A tribute-album on CEO Terry Semel: Many attribute Yahoo’s financial success and a renewed focus this year on its core Internet search produ… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 17, 2003

Yaga has tied up with Paymentech, one of the biggest debit and credit card processors…Paymentech will offer Yaga’s solution to its custome… Read more »

The Scottish government’s virtual news avatar is going mobile: Seonaid, an online cartoon character which the govt. has been using on its of… Read more »

LightReading has an interesting article on the ever changing Corvis which had gone from the one that would change the world to the one desperate to survive. bq. And, in the process of remaking itself, Corvis leaves the impression it will focus more on its service […] Read more »

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill that would extend permanently a four-year-old moratorium on taxes on Internet acc… Read more »

Word leaked out, rather inadverently, that Friendster, the hot social networking site, may have received $10 million in further venture fund… Read more »

Reuters is to axe 75 jobs in the UK as it moves part of its content business to India in a bid to cut costs…According to a source quoted i… Read more »

Once the technology and marketing bugs get worked out, alternative home-viewing methods will pose some serious, and possibly devastating, ch… Read more »

Perhaps I should have been a little more coherent in my post about the U.S. versus European divide. Perhaps I will blog my developing though… Read more »

Yaga, the content commerce vendor, has tied up with Paymentech, one of the biggest debit and credit card processors…Paymentech will offer… Read more »

Samsung is working with Roxio to develop a line of portable audio players that will carry the brand names of both Samsung and Roxio’s Napste… Read more »

Sometimes, the whole socialist underpinning on the British society frustrates me no end: take for example, this move to be fair to people wh… Read more »

This is the fear of linking I have talked about earlier: the fear of hyperlinks is as old as the Internet itself, and with blogs, it just ma… Read more »

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