Stories for Jul. 28, 2003

(We are running analysis of the event from Jacob Kaldenbaugh, founder of Harvest Equity Research, an independent digital media research firm… Read more »

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(Panel agenda and bios) Jim Griffin, CEO, Cherry Lane Digital: Creating the pool of money, who gets what, is the most important part…carvi… Read more »

Software maker Roxio plans to reincarnate the Napster online music service much sooner than expected, launching a legitimate form of the onc… Read more »

KeepMedia the online magazine archives marketplace, which launches today, will sell articles at $1 a pop, or free to current subscribers ($4… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 27, 2003

Scott Rafer, chairman of Wifinder, believes there is money to be made in Wi-Fi but not by charging people $10… [Muniwireless] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 26, 2003

I am in New York City early next week for the Jupiter Plug.IN Music Conference, and will be covering it live from the venue, if the venue ha… Read more »

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The excitement builds up for the Jupiter Plug.IN Music Conference in New York, starting Monday. Issues such as developing music services for… Read more »

Anil’s rant against the monster, oops, Microsoft reminds me of an old hindi movie starring Nasserudin Shah. Anyway Anil is mouthing off on some font dialog box. One Word Anil: OSX Read more »

Nothing like a weekend to indulge in a bit of narcissism, is it? Couple of more stories about this site came out this week…
— PR Week mag… Read more »

iVillage co-founder and editor in chief Nancy Evans has resigned, effective immediately, after eight years at the company. No reason was giv… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 25, 2003

S46 the best bi-costal cellphone? If you are like moi, a new yorker whose heart and soul is in new york, but is stuck in the west coast purgatory, (though weather in San Francisco beats NY anyday) you like to hang on to your much beloved […] Read more »

Bill Gates said his company is exploring ways to develop a music download service similar to Apple Computer’s iTunes that would tie into the… Read more »

Interesting, though a minor move: will start offering a co-branded browser toolbar, using Dogpile technology…Dogpile is a meta… Read more »

Rich Gordon analyzes the online paid entertainment guides, in wake of’s CalendarLive announcing that it will turn into a premium… Read more »

OK, has closed the e-mail hack, where people could tweak the URL a bit and access the stories…too much abuse, apparently. Read more »

Stories for Jul. 24, 2003

An interesting story about how two small operations are reporting on fantasy games and making a living selling those newsletters online…ex… Read more »

Nothing to do with digital media, but a fun piece: Ten journalists from the UK’s Guardian newspaper compiled tomorrow’s edition of the G2 su… Read more »

AOL has tapped John McKinley, a former CTO of Merrill Lynch and GE Capital, to direct its technology initiatives. As AOL’s chief technology… Read more »

Business 2.0 website recently went behind a subscription wall recently (first reported here): editor Josh Quittner explains in the August is… Read more »

A virtual gem from my InBox:: Did you know that kids today and their parents use a computer to contact each other (97%), most frequently via email (96%), but also in more surprising ways, such as instant messaging (43%). These are some of the amazing new […] Read more »

In a story on EA Q2 results, the company reveals that conslidation into the main company has cut down the costs, though it declined t… Read more »

Microdoc News, which is an excellent site on nano-media issues (started with heavy Google focus and has now expanded and re-designed), has a… Read more »

Chinese Internet media company Sina has posted a third consecutive quarterly profit that met recently raised expectations and boosted its ou… Read more »

WaPo’s Leslie Walker on KeepMedia: “What’s intriguing is how KeepMedia creates custom pages on the fly, presenting hyperlinked headlines and… Read more »

The regional Bell companies say this time they’re serious about broadband. I think they missed their opportunity. When cable operators were fighting mandatory open access in 1999-2000, the Bells could have positioned DSL as the open alternative for broadband. They could have leveraged independent ISPs and […] Read more »

Stories for Jul. 23, 2003

Movielink, the Internet movie-on-demand service, has signed on Walt Disney, and will offer Disney movies for download… the pact now gives… Read more »

As expected, The Tribune Company has started rolling out premium services for its newspapers: first up, its biggest property Los Angeles Tim… Read more »

The continued downturn in Lycos’ fortunes: Lycos Asia has reduced its Singapore operations to a skeleton crew today, laying off around 40 st… Read more »

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