Stories for Oct. 12, 2003

From my In-Box : This is a review of the recently announced Sierra Wireless SmartPhone, which apparently is not very smart. I am still wondering when a MS SmartPhone will show up on these shores. bq. There’s not a whole lot to love about the Voq. […] Read more »

October 18, 2003: Update: There is a small update:, the domain is alive now. We still need to change the artwork and make some more modifications. I will keep you posted. Mike is hard at work. Murphy’s Law: when it comes to websites, something will […] Read more »

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Stories for Oct. 11, 2003

U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster thinks that there’s room for only two players in the online music market: he’s betting Apple… Read more »

The telecoms boom and bust, and the many colourful and crooked characters who lined their pockets on the way, produced a crop of books, the most entertaining of which is “Broadbandits: Inside the $750 billion Telecom Heist” by Om Malik, formerly a writer at Red Herring, […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 10, 2003

This is the most amazing story of the transformative powers of investigative media…there’s so much more to it than this short story mentio… Read more »

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Michael O’Donnell, the outgoing CEO of Salon Media Group, has plans to advise tech startups in financing and distribution, according to this… Read more »

A bold and controversial experiment in academic publishing–which may have ramifications in commercial publishing–will go live on Monday: T… Read more »

Microsoft to Develop Broadband TV For Telcos… Well it will be now a blue-tone of death. Microsoft says it will develop software to deliver standard television over the Internet, targeting telecoms operators wanting to expand their business. Bell Canada and India’s Reliance Infocomm will work with […] Read more »

(via Gawker) The (in)famous Yahoo sign on Lafayette/Houston street is gone… Read more »

There’s a new battleground in your office: the PBX. For decades PBX boxes, which route phone calls, used analog technologies. Now, with the growing popularity of Internet-protocol-based phone systems, the dowdy PBX is getting a face-lift. With $2 billion in annual sales at stake, it’s no […] Read more »

Hey, we got our first classifieds ad! Who knows, this might turn out to be something good…
It is a position at KeepMedia..see more details… Read more »

(via Lost Remote): MTV is considering a move into online music downloads…Tom Freston, CEO of MTV Networks, said the company was studying t… Read more »

Warner Music Australia has signed an ‘in-principle’ deal with Telstra to provide content to the BigPond Internet music service, but the part… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 9, 2003

Yahoo Eurpopean chief said today that the company plans to introduce more paid-for services on this side of the Atlantic after their success… Read more »

Rafe Needleman at his new gig at always-off…he writes about KeepMedia: “I believe it is this service business [where they private label th… Read more »

RealNetworks and America Online have extended their agreement to include updated versions of RealNetworks’ media playback software in the la… Read more »

NBA said it will webcast a preseason game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers on Oct. 19, but the league still has no… Read more »

Napster 2.0 will be launched today, at least as a beta, at a splashy cermony in NYC. In case you’re interested, you can register to watch fo… Read more »

Staci Kramer interviews Maggie Wilderotter of Microsoft: “In some cases we’ll aggregate for subscription because the customer sees value eno… Read more »

(sub. req.): An extract from WSJ writer Kara Swisher’s new book on AOL: the extract talks about pre merger AOL’s discussions with eBay and T… Read more »

(sub. req.): “It’s those improvements, linked with the Yahoo portal, that have made SBC’s broadband a success, at least in terms of adding c… Read more »

Movielink has tied up with Intramovies, which will allow it with a broad selection of Italian films for download to customers in the U.S. Th… Read more »

Distributed Computing Industry Association, a trade group formed in July by the parent companies of song-sharing services Kazaa and Altnet h… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 8, 2003

“Everybody’s playing follow the leader. Subscriptions were hyped to death and now the a la cartes are being hyped. It’s a false debate as to… Read more »

Yahoo has posted a larger profit for Q3: a net profit of $65.3 million, compared with a year-earlier profit of $28.9 million. Revenue was $3… Read more »

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