Stories for Aug. 13, 2003

There are some very smart people who work at Palm, and if they are dumb enough to change the company name from Palm to something, they would loose all brand power, and any real market traction they have. It will be sort of Coca Cola saying […] Read more »

Creative culture, killer products, zealous fans, and Steve Jobs. Memo to Sony: Bite! “Fact is, [Sony's] Idei needs a bold stroke, or his day… Read more »

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Stories for Aug. 12, 2003’s been pretty honest in its financial statements, if you ask me, considering the “are-they-dead-yet” predictions all around…
Its… Read more »

The MSBlast virus, which is raging online today, has eaten up my two-month old PC…luckily my 4-year old IBM laptop is still chuggin’ along… Read more »

An important issue being debated in Washington: “A cable company is used to operating in the cable world, and it’s routine for them to pick… Read more »

BusinessWeek’s new “Future of Technology” issue is out…a good one…interviews with Steve Jobs, Tim Koogle and Mark Cuban, among others. Read more »

Business 2.0:: Don’t dismiss fixed wireless quite yet. True, early fixed-wireless startups like Telegint and Winstar racked up billion-dollar losses and died early deaths. But the technology, which supplies broadband connections via radio waves, has a lot of life left in it. Read more »

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Stories for Aug. 11, 2003

AOL Time Warner is considering dropping the AOL name from its corporate masthead…The proposal–made by senior management of the AOL divisi… Read more »

Fame Academy, UK’s fame show (yeah, that’s a lame description, I know), will sell contestants’ tracks costing viewers 99p each…these are a… Read more »

With pressure from European antitrust regulators mounting, Microsoft’s bid to make its multimedia technology a worldwide standard may be run… Read more »

A story on BitPass, Peppercoin and others. “Avivah Litan, VP of financial services for market research company Gartner is skeptical about th… Read more »

(subscription required): Time Inc’s strategy to close off their sites to print subscribers only, starting last April, has paid suprisingly g… Read more »

In a quest for financial payoff, online dating services are expanding to do more than find you the love of your life….the usual suspects a… Read more »

Video-on-demand technology firm SkyStream Networks has received funding from AOL TW and Comcast as part of a total venture round of $29 mill… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 10, 2003

Softbank’s high-speed Internet access service is costing Softbank President Masayoshi Son dearly – but has managed to sign up 3 million customers. Son claims that if the company did not advertise and market this heavily, it would have broken even. Well whatever, this is a smart […] Read more »

Like Kobe, Warne is feeling the heatGuess not many people this side of the pond know who Shane Warne is but, there is word that the tough Aussie spinner has been sending lewd text messages and making dirty calls to a South African mother of three. […] Read more »

Frontline has a fantastic interview with Greg Chappell. The Aussie great is talking about everyone from Shane Warne, Steve Waugh, Sachin Tendular, Sunil Gavaskar, and Ricky Ponting. Read and Enjoy! By the way here is what he had to say about Sachin. Nobody has such pressure […] Read more »

Can there be a more potent mixture? Three decades after he headed the Indian cricket team with such distinction and his begum won the hearts of cinegoers, the spell cast by the couple continues. The Pataudis Ìü² Mansur Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore Ìü² embody the […] Read more »

The New York Times has this interesting conversation with Paras Bhargava, a telecommunications equipment analyst at BMO Nesbitt Burns (based in Toronto). Unlike the cheering squad who call themselves analysts, Bhargava has a pretty balanced view on Cisco Systems. A couple of things which caught my […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 9, 2003

Jam Band Phish has generated more than $1 million in revenue from music downloads from its site Livephish. allows band aficion… Read more »

UltraWideband: Is it the new Infiniband? I have heard so much hype around this technology but the implementations are far and few. I have seen the demos but somehow it does not make any sense why this technology over other unlicensed wireless spectrum based technologies would […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 8, 2003

Instead of charging,’s use of registration allows it to identify its audience, create communities of interest and market to them… Read more »

So the below four stories should be your weekend read: take printouts and get away from the heat…London’s boiling over!
And after having f… Read more »

The next phase of the Portal Wars appears headed for TV-land as developers of next-generation interactive programming guides (IPGs) race for… Read more »

Big money to be made in fantasy sport…like, wow. Oh well, August’s dead…
– Reporting on Online Fantasy Sports
– Sportsline Ex… Read more »

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