Stories for Oct. 10, 2003

(via Gawker) The (in)famous Yahoo sign on Lafayette/Houston street is gone… Read more »

There’s a new battleground in your office: the PBX. For decades PBX boxes, which route phone calls, used analog technologies. Now, with the growing popularity of Internet-protocol-based phone systems, the dowdy PBX is getting a face-lift. With $2 billion in annual sales at stake, it’s no […] Read more »

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Hey, we got our first classifieds ad! Who knows, this might turn out to be something good…
It is a position at KeepMedia..see more details… Read more »

(via Lost Remote): MTV is considering a move into online music downloads…Tom Freston, CEO of MTV Networks, said the company was studying t… Read more »

Warner Music Australia has signed an ‘in-principle’ deal with Telstra to provide content to the BigPond Internet music service, but the part… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 9, 2003

Yahoo Eurpopean chief said today that the company plans to introduce more paid-for services on this side of the Atlantic after their success… Read more »

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Rafe Needleman at his new gig at always-off…he writes about KeepMedia: “I believe it is this service business [where they private label th… Read more »

RealNetworks and America Online have extended their agreement to include updated versions of RealNetworks’ media playback software in the la… Read more »

NBA said it will webcast a preseason game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers on Oct. 19, but the league still has no… Read more »

Napster 2.0 will be launched today, at least as a beta, at a splashy cermony in NYC. In case you’re interested, you can register to watch fo… Read more »

Staci Kramer interviews Maggie Wilderotter of Microsoft: “In some cases we’ll aggregate for subscription because the customer sees value eno… Read more »

(sub. req.): An extract from WSJ writer Kara Swisher’s new book on AOL: the extract talks about pre merger AOL’s discussions with eBay and T… Read more »

(sub. req.): “It’s those improvements, linked with the Yahoo portal, that have made SBC’s broadband a success, at least in terms of adding c… Read more »

Movielink has tied up with Intramovies, which will allow it with a broad selection of Italian films for download to customers in the U.S. Th… Read more »

Distributed Computing Industry Association, a trade group formed in July by the parent companies of song-sharing services Kazaa and Altnet h… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 8, 2003

“Everybody’s playing follow the leader. Subscriptions were hyped to death and now the a la cartes are being hyped. It’s a false debate as to… Read more »

Yahoo has posted a larger profit for Q3: a net profit of $65.3 million, compared with a year-earlier profit of $28.9 million. Revenue was $3… Read more »

AOL Europe plans to launch an online radio station next week and a download service by next spring in Europe…If it hits its Q2 European la… Read more »

Want your fix of saccharine? Read this embarrassingly fawning profile of Alex Vieux, the new owner of Red Herring…some weird musings about… Read more »

A Princeton University student has published instructions for disabling the new anticopying measures being tested on CDs by BMG–and they’re… Read more »

“Every track in Magnatune’s 50-artist catalog is available via Shoutcast radio stations and streaming MP3 feeds. Listeners can download, swa… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 7, 2003

Charles Cooper deflates some of the hype surrounding the “media centers” being launched left, right, and center: “Is convergence the future?… Read more »

Microsoft announced a partnership Tuesday with The Amazon tools will let new Office users access Amazon information from within… Read more »

Moving swiftly to soften potential penalties from a multi-million dollar patent infringement loss, Microsoft plans to release a new version… Read more »

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