Stories for Aug. 31, 2003

By now you would have thought that Nortel Networks would be out of its misery. Not so, and even mostly biased Canadian institutions are not too thrilled about the future of Nortel Networks. bq. The massive downsizing completed by Nortel Networks Corp. last year has eased […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 29, 2003

Hewlett-Packard researchers in England…have developed prototype e-books with Etch-a-Sketch Read more »

“The W3C said Microsoft’s changes to the IE browser may affect a large number of existing Web pages and urged the Web community to start con… Read more »

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Google News attracts more than 3 million unique visitors a month, yet Media Metrix and Nielsen/NetRatings have excluded it from the rankings… Read more »

InfoSpace founder Naveen Jain has blamed others for mistakes that led to a $247 million judgment against him. Now he’s suing them. He has fi… Read more »

Quickly following in the foot steps of Oklahoma, three other states are contemplating criminal charges against MCI WorldCom. The Wall Street Journal reports that West Virginia is likely file civil charges accusing MCI of defrauding the state of tax revenue, while Oregon has filed a civil […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 28, 2003

(In case you hadn’t noticed, I am doing blanket coverage of the BBC Online controversy, on two fronts: one is the review of BBC’s online spe… Read more »

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Flix, a new UK-based mobile content company, plans to launch a mobile video portal later this month that will work on existing mobile networ… Read more »

An interesting story on web services: “AWS is an outgrowth of the long-standing Associates program, which pays blogger… Read more »

“Why isn’t the BBC worried about Napster-like file-sharing networks, when other media companies are screaming for the blood of the online pi… Read more »

A group of small Webcasters, called the Webcaster Alliance, filed an antitrust suit against the Recording Industry Association of America, a… Read more »

In the world of pay-to-play Internet gaming, cash winnings are a big draw. They are also a source of controversy… “groups concerned about… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 27, 2003

“How much of the Beeb’s voluminous output could it really put online? It would be easy for the BBC to put its future programming online, but… Read more »

This is the scariest thing I’ve heard in a while…”Osirusoft, distributer of the SPEWS and open relay blocklists, among others, is no longe… Read more »

“Many e-mail publishers today remain afraid of RSS, suggests Pirillo, but there’s little to fear. He points out that the business model of e… Read more »

(this is a new series of insider happenings in the industry: as they call it in journalistic parlance, reliable, yet unverified).
After Bus… Read more »

Microsoft is unveiling “MSN Premium,” a new version of its Internet service: new software features include a digital photo editor, smoother… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 26, 2003

Yahoo becomes the second big mainstream media firm to roll out RSS feeds, after BBC did it about two months ago…it is rolling out about 15… Read more »

Following rumors that Yahoo may soon be launching blogs, this story reports that Yahoo may be buying a blog hosting company soon: “company i… Read more »

(subscription required): A nice story on TheOnion turning a profit online: “Thanks to a management philosophy that owes more to its cheapska… Read more »

“This isn’t a question of quality. The BBC site is outstanding – and should be with the backing it has – but it again raises questions about… Read more »

The Conservative party in UK would switch off a swath of the BBC’s digital services, including its website and the youth channel BBC3, if it… Read more »

America Online has signed a deal with the National Football League to offer video and audio broadcasts online to AOL subscribers. The agreem… Read more »

A new set of services aimed at giving independent music labels online distribution is springing up, hoping to reach companies like Apple’s i… Read more »

bq. “The technology cycle is now so much shorter than the regulatory cycle that the regulations are never going to catch up to this technology now.” Duane Ackerman of BellSouth in an interview with New York Post In an amazingly candid interview with Ben Silverman, editor […] Read more »

Stories for Aug. 25, 2003

More facts coming out on the Yahoo-ET deal (read the earlier story): the agreement does not involve a monetary exchange.
War of words b/w A… Read more »

An interesting story about the startups who sold out to Yahoo..and what are the people behind those startups doing now…
“Internet-video fi… Read more »

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