Stories for Sep. 12, 2003

Network World reports that it will roll out what will be the largest domestic network based on AT&T’s Multi-protocol Label Switching technology. It will cover 600 sites. This is an old story but we can of course read it again! Read more »

An interesting story with three case studies: “Publishers should recognize digital as a publishing solution rather than an alternative metho… Read more »

Microsoft’s surprise decision to submit Windows Media Series 9 as a standards candidate to Hollywood underscores the software giant’s ambiti… Read more »

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In a criminal waste of Knight Foundation money, the Media Management Center at Northwestern University has launched a brand-new media news s… Read more »

Everyone loves a controversy: The response, direct from the horse’s mouth: Scott McCloud does a point-by-point rebuttal of Clay Shirky artic… Read more »

The company adds four new metro areas where DSL will be available to customers subscribing to its local-plus-long-distance phone package–an effort to head off cable threats. [CNET] Read more »

New York Times writes an editorial today on the issues involved: “Music companies can, and should, keep hiring copyright lawyers to protect… Read more »

Cisco Systems wants to use IP (Internet Protocol) technology to become the biggest vendor in business communications, a $14 billion market that includes traditional and IP voice equipment, unified messaging, collaboration and conferencing, the head of Cisco’s Voice Technology Group said Wednesday. [InfoWorld] Read more »

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More on SBC CEO of SBC and why he sees no incentive to deploy fiber to the home, now that the FCC triennial review order is out. Tell me something I did not know. Read more »

Stories for Sep. 11, 2003

Newsday becomes the second major newspaper in the Tribune chain to launch premium services…here’s the message Raymond Jansen, Newsday’s pu… Read more »

AT&T is currently testing a “bring your own access” consumer VoIP service similar to the Vonage model, said David Dorman, AT&T Chairman and CEO, speaking at this week’s Morgan Stanley Global Media & Communications Conference in Boston, according to Converge Digest. bq. Dorman sees great potential […] Read more »

Telecom & Wireless Report ::By trimming its operations, the former Metromedia Fiber Network has put bankruptcy behind it and looks to a leaner but more successful future. Click here to read the full article! Read more »

(Real video link: forward to 24:45 on the time scale): My heart’s still out there in New York…
(Note on the song: This is Mary Chapin Carp… Read more »

Interesting tidbit: “Whom does [Chris] Anderson read to stay on top of technology issues? ‘I think Walt Mossberg brings an important reality… Read more »

Fred von Lohmann, EFF: “If a Web site wants to prevent deep links, there are plenty of simple measures (such as using passwords or dynamical… Read more »

The Ziff Davis newsletter, Microsoft-Watch, written by Mary Jo Foley, now has about 500 subscribers, each paying about $400 a year…of cour… Read more »

“My mom paid $29.95 for Kazaa and assumed she was using a legitimate service,” said Marilyn Rodell, whose mother is being sued. “How was she… Read more » has appointed Zach Leonard, the former COO of on its board…MKTW is 1/3rd owned by Pearson, parent of FT, and has hi… Read more »

The movie business is not doing enough to ward off the threat of digital piracy…Already as many as 600,000 movie files are shared each day… Read more »

“We created our own issues at AOL, and we have no one to blame but ourselves,” [Lisa Brown, exec. VP for interactive marketing] said Wednes… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 10, 2003

An interview with Emily Bell, the editor-in-chief of Gurdian Unlimited, the online version of Guardian UK…On the reason for its huge popul… Read more »

Aruba PR guy on a future CEO candidate bq. “She’s not going to be the CEO,” he chortles. “She’s too attractive to be our CEO, and we’d need to pay her a shoe budget.” And Lo, he claims, already has a closet full of dainty $200 […] Read more »

MCI, which is derisively known as “most corrupt institution” is looking for a board-room makeover and has appointed five new directors, VNUNet reports. bq. The new members include: former Touche Ross chairman W. Grant Gregory; retired Bell Atlantic executive Judith Haberkorn; Patton Boggs partner Laurence Harris; […] Read more »

As part of my essential telecom related readings I visit a lot of websites. Some are smart, others funny and entertaining. But occasionally I come across some writers who are just plain dumb. For instance, this column by Martin Courtney, dubbed, Rural Broadband Rip-Off. Now this […] Read more »

Light reading is reporting that Riverstone which was spun out of Cabletron Systems has not been booted off the NASDAQ. bq. The company admitted last month that it had overstated 2002 revenues by as much as $85.5 million. It also said it may have also overstated […] Read more »

The first direct rebuttal (of sorts) of Clay Shirky’s column last Friday: Henry Jenkins, who is director of the Program in Comparative Media… Read more »

Until the proprietary information of both consumers and publishers is protected, interactive marketing will be more promise than reality:DRM… Read more »

Uk player BTClick&Buy is powering ‘The Salon’ [online streaming] again, as the Channel 4’s hair and beauty reality TV show returns for a se… Read more »

Globix will host eMeta’s newly launched eRightsWEB, a hosted version of its eRights Suite Read more »

In fact, they’re tracking every download and selling the data to the music industry. How one company is turning file-sharing networks into t… Read more »

Online and TV gaming info. company has launched a premium version…” Plus! offers members early access to online video pre… Read more »

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