Stories for Oct. 28, 2003 will this week launch a news alerts service to help drive new subscriptions, backed by a nationwide marketing campaign.
The tailored… Read more »

Sina, the Chinese Internet media company, has swung to a Q3 net profit on the back of healthy sales of advertising and data services on mobi… Read more »

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Who says consumers don’t like the latest and greatest technology? Or love their cable company – okay that is a stretch, but still Cox Communications, a smallish cable services provider has seem some amazing strength in demand for new technology. For the third quarter 2003 Cox […] Read more »

America Online may be playing down a hidden recovery in its online ad business that will help it pull off a promised turnaround right on sch… Read more »

Stories for Oct. 27, 2003

(sub. req.): A short and nice story in the latest B2.0, on Six Apart, the parent company of Movable Type, the blogging software I use for th… Read more »

(sub. req.): A nice story in the November issues of B2.0 on the micropayments market, profiling Yaga and Bitpass, and comparing the current… Read more »

Dell has introduced a disk-drive-based MP3 player, called “Dell DJ” and details of a partnership with music download company Musicmatch…Th… Read more »

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(sub. req.): Barron’s burts the bubble again, this time Ask Jeeves’. “Can the stunning revival of Ask’s stock price continue? It seems hard… Read more »

I’ll be sifting through the Longhorn stories and will detail the implications the new Wondows version from MSFT has on media companies…
De… Read more »

Alaska may not have much – a few billion salmon, lots of oil, a million odd snow dogs and a few human beings, but it has one thing going for it: it is the most wired state in the Union. Though one of the least populous, […] Read more »

(sub. req.): Well, credit is due where it is due: it was Eric Savitz of Barron’s who did two weeks ago on Google IPO, a week before the FT… Read more »

PaymentOne has been named to Deloitte & Touche’s “2003 Technology Fast 50″ for Silicon Valley, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technolog… Read more »

Reuters recurring revenue from subscription products – which represents 93% of the Reuters’ core revenue – was £609 million for Q3 2003, a… Read more »

With increasing regularity you are seeing stories pop-up about how Universities are building cheap supercomputers stringing together commodity-processor powered desktops or appliances. The recent decision by Cray to build an AMD powered supercomputer is yet another testimonial. bq. The supercomputer maker is preparing a line of […] Read more »

Story deadlines are creeping up, and the new week it seems will be a busy one. I am trying to get a lot done in three days before the next issue of the magazine closes, at least for me. On top of that, I have Dina […] Read more »

The Observer UK had a special section on telecom and broadband yesterday: a series of stories on the market in UK. The series:
— Broadband:… Read more »

Business 2.0: Two years ago, the company received a rude wake-up call — revenues were shriveling, and its top customers were threatening revolt. Now the phone’s ringing again, but this time it’s opportunity on the line: Internet-based telephony has arrived, and so has Cisco’s chance to […] Read more »

There, a new online computer game, which its creators say is more social and creative than other games of its kind, is expected to get its c… Read more »

The quarterly earnings data is in! A quick tabulation shows that the wireless industry is going through a mini-boom, and that just might be a harbinger of bad things to come. From Texas Instruments to RF Micro Devices to Nokia, to Cingular, AT&T and Sprint, everyone […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 26, 2003

A nice overview of the present situation at InfoSpace, and how it is hinging on the mobile market to drive forward…
“One of the reasons In… Read more »

“Google recently brought in about 35 firms to pitch for the business and invited about a dozen back for more conversations. The company has… Read more »

It has been a long arduous journey but finally with the help of Mr. WebSpiffy, I have finally been able to come to what in all likelihood is going to be the final stop for my many weblogs. There are many reasons why I have gone […] Read more »

Stories for Oct. 25, 2003

(Real Audio File): NewsHour with Jim Lehrer did a 7 minute segment on digital editions of newspapers, yesterday. Pretty balanced. Funny that… Read more »

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